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To Blog or Not to Blog, Wait, Is that Even a Question?

People can often choose to do the same thing but for different reasons, because we all think differently and come to different Blog Pixelateconclusions. Why I may want to write a blog versus why you would want to can be one of those different reasons and conclusions.
For example, I write blogs for two different reasons: professional and personal. I have my own blog so I can share my thoughts and ideas, and then I also write blogs professionally to get a link back to my site or for any of my clients.
My personal blog delivers much more freeform. It gives me a way to write about any topic or piece of thought that floats through my head. My creative blogs can also be short, long, poems, blurbs…Anything I want, really. From writing poems to posting text with paintings, my personal blog site can be anything I want it to be with no need for links to connect to anywhere.
Now, for my more professional posts. They have to be a certain something. Meaning, the topics and length can’t be anything I want them to be, they have to be within certain parameters. Most blogs want the normal length of 300 to 800 words and want a specific topic that suits their website. You can’t really go to a vacation or travel site and post about the all-new Mercedes. I mean that’s not unheard of, but it’s not really something that happens often. Some websites may just want content, but more often than not they want something specific.
The thing about writing for professional reasons is there is usually a link involved. By writing fresh and new content for a website to help it grow, you can also add a link to add another connection from a website to the client. The more linkbacks, the better.
Choosing the time in which to blog is also another factor. With clients, you have deadlines and possibly even an amount of blogs that you need to write or an amount of links you need to get. Personal blogs have no time frame. They are whatever and whenever they want to be.
So, the what, the where, and the when are all different depending on if you want to write for yourself or not. There are plenty of other decisions to make for different things, but for blogs, these are some of the ones we think about.
About Author:
Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys writing for herself and for New York Toyota dealers and their online classifieds. As long as she’s writing, she’s happy.
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Thursday, 11 August 2022
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