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Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic

Most of us would agree that a good presentation of information is the point that matters. Personally I have got tired of dull and trite ideas with the same unexpressive look. As for me, the more interactivity in the presentation is, the more interesting it turns out to be.

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Few days ago I’ve run into the cool infographic concerning the theme I’m interested in. Just for today my task is to work out the effective concept of responsive website. Not an easy one that requires great skills and the background knowledge of this question. I liked this Responsive Web Design Infographic for the comprehensive covering of the theme. It presents all the aspects of responsive web design that you need to know to build your own cool design of this kind. I liked the interactive way of working with all the staff from this infographic: blog articles, free PDF books, Google recommendations, tutorials, useful plugins, and great examples of Responsive Website Templates. In the easy and exciting way, it gives an opportunity to learn more about this huge web design trend with tips, ideas and inspiration for starting your own responsive website.

I’ve liked it, and hope you’ll also do.

About the author: Ryan Webb is a content manager at HyperTemplates.com - a source of clean and simple wordpress themes.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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