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Is It Good To Use Free Templates For Your Website

You don’t need any prior knowledge or technical knowhow to use a free web template.

Businesses today are aware of the benefits of leveraging the power of the internet. Given the increasing number of internet users that is growing daily, having a website for your business has become an indispensable need. Fortunately for most newbie businesses who are clueless about the nuances of web design, there are tons of free web templates available online. Though, if you are inexperience, it is better to choose premium web template from reliable shop.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or technical know how to use a free web template. All you have to do is select a design that would be most appropriate for your company. Now using these free web templates you can create a professional and appealing website at no cost at all. Mentioned below are some of the pros and cons of using free web templates for your website:


  • Cost effective – Possibly the most stellar advantage of using a free web template is that it is free. This can be a huge saving for your company as you would usually have to pay a premium to a web designer to create a web template for your website. Also owing to the fact that it is free, gives you the opportunity to download as many templates as you want at any time of your convenience.
  • Choice – When it comes to selecting a free template for your website, you are literally spoilt for choice. There is an abundance of free website designs and packages that are up for grabs. On the other hand, a professional web developer would offer you a very limited selection.
  • Speed – The statement time is money holds true for free web templates as it gives you the freedom to get your website up and running within a few hours as long as you have the content and images handy. A custom website template on the contrary could take weeks and even months to create, depending on the complexity. You should definitely learn more about website speed optimization tools as well as the benefit of CDN for websites.


  • Limited customization – One of the major drawbacks of a free web template is that you can customize it up to a certain extent. This could prove to be a major inconvenience as you might face a situation where your web content might exceed the space for text on your template and the additional text might stretch and distort the look of your website.  
  • Non exclusive – Every day thousands of users online download free web templates. Hence, your web template would not be unique or exclusive to your company alone and could possibly have hundreds of clones. You would have to further redesign your template if you want a web design that is exclusive to your company.
  • Image optimization – It is important that the images on your website load rapidly or you could risk losing traffic to your site. For this purpose you would need to know image optimization techniques, failing which you would have to resort to hiring the services of a web developer to optimize your free template.

Although using a free web template can be very convenient and cost effective, you might have to pay more to further optimize or customize your web design in order to gain traffic and visibility. However, as a web developer if you already possess optimization and web design skills, a free web template can be a very viable option.

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