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Search Engine Opoly; Can You Play the Game of SEO?

Rules of ethic and effective SEO campaign, what SEO can do and what is not recommended.

SEO – it’s a competitive mine field that, if you wish to survive and come out on top, you need to know a few golden rules. As with any other industry, keeping up to date with the latest technology, campaigns, techniques and know-how is vital for continuing success in the fast paced and frivolous game of SEO. So, to give you that competitive edge and feed your growing hunger for victory, here are the top tips to surviving the ultimate online game.

Rules of Online Marketing

web crawlAll games have rules and SEO is no exception. Grab your notepad and pen because there is quite a few, and unlike a younger sibling who you can blackmail into being quiet – Google won’t be so kind. In fact, if you don’t play by their rules you’ll get well and truly disqualified and sent to the corner with a dunce hat. In other words they’ll sandbox you!

‘White hat techniques’ is the phrase to describe those SEO techniques which search engines approve of. In contrast ‘black hat techniques’ are those techniques that search engines do not like and will try to minimise the impact of. HINT – learn the rules and you’ll soon become an authorized SEO pro.

Online Marketing Techniques you CAN use:

  • Quality Content
  • Keywords and Meta Descriptions
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Advertisements

Bad Practises you CAN’T use:

  • Hidden Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Link Farming
  • Doorway and Cloaked Pages

How to Play

Now you’ve established the dos and don’ts of this game, it’s time to show your hand and make a move. Below is a quick guide to playing the game.

Quality Content

The key to beating the competition for many marketers, SEO experts and social media wizzes is by regularly updating the content on a website with fresh, readable and informative articles. The new material will draw in new visitors, and will notify search engines that your website is ‘active’.

Not just a one trick pony, updating your website with new content which is informative and to some degree educational, will make internet users actually want to read your post, and the longer they stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate will be.
However if you produce duplicate content – you lose authority points and need to return to ‘GO’.


Selecting your keywords is like choosing the playing piece for your game of monopoly. We all take our time deciding and usually end up opting for our favourite, whether it be the dog, hat, car, thimble, boot, iron or ship.

Keywords are chosen on a similar basis, in that you need to take into account their competitiveness, their search value, and their relativity to your industry.

Social Media

The internet is so easily available, whether it is via iPhone, android, laptop or your standard computer, that it has completely altered how it is used. Traditionally used to find and locate, now the internet is used recreationally by many worldwide – which makes it the perfect place to advertise.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are classified as ‘Social Media’ sites, as they are often used by the public in their personal time. It is this, which means that savvy businesses can now appeal directly to their audience, while they sit in the comfort of their own home.
Social media, like a game of monopoly is used to entertain and interact with friends and family, use it to your advantage. Social media is changing the concept of branding.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is definitely the dark horse among all of the available SEO gaming techniques you can use. The idea is simple – write a quality article, appeal to a blog which may want to host it, and when they do, get a link from them to your site.

Reciprocal links are fantastic. In gaming terms, it’s like having an ally amongst enemies. The link they send back to your site boosts your authority by notifying Google that other websites ‘rate’ your site and think it’s worth shouting about. Having other sites which link to you is their way of saying ‘woah this is a good site Google, rank them higher!’ Though things are a bit tricky and everybody should learn more about quality guest blogging.

Now you’re fully equipped and armed with the right info, it’s time to see how well you do in the ultimate game of SEO. Get set….GO!

About Author

This article was written by Gayle Brown, a content writer for a leading SEO organisation. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, the company also offers specialist internet marketing services including video production, web design, ecommerce solutions and email marketing.

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