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Finding the Best Widgets for WordPress

Millions of websites and blogs across the globe are now using WordPress to run their online enterprise. As per the stats in 2011, Matt Mullenweg who is the original WordPress founder announced that WordPress powered around 15% of the top one million websites on the web – as per Alexa ranking. You might also want to read this comprehensive WordPress review.

WordPress WidgetsSince WordPress is used by so many people, there are plenty of plugins and widgets that would help you optimize your very own website. Using these you could make your website function just the way you want it to without the need of any sort of programming skills.

There are also plenty of WordPress developers that you would be able to hire if at all you want some custom widgets and plugins for your website.

What are WordPress widgets?

You may already be familiar with the word Plugin; but, what are the differences between a plugin and a widget? Well, widgets are pretty much the same, the only difference is that they are used in the sidebars.

Using widgets you would be able to list out the most popular pages, categories or tags on your websites as well as add ads and plenty of other things.

There are plenty of ways to add widgets to your website. You could install them from your dashboard itself or download them to your computer and then add them to your website as a plugin. But, in order to use them you need to activate them.

What qualities does one need to possess?

There are literally thousands of widgets available; but, how do you choose one for your website? Many say that they would help solve a particular problem where as others say they’re good for SEO purposes. But, not all of them can be believed. There are plenty of amateur widgets created that serve no purpose at all.

So, before picking a widget take a look at the number of reviews and rating it’s received on the WordPress.org website. Obviously a widget with a 5 star rating is much better than one with 3 stars. So, try it out – it could be a great addition to your site. 

Another important aspect that you need to take a look at is the number of reviews. If there are just few, there’s a high possibility that it could be biased wherein the ratings are given by close friends of the developer.

What are the best WordPress widgets then?

The best widgets are those that deliver exactly what they promise. Very often we come across situations wherein a widget has everything that we need other than a small function that is really important to us. In such cases you could message the developer and they may include that function – this is what WodPress is all about.

However, if you are unlucky and the developer doesn’t see it necessary you could always find another widget or hire a developer to create one for you. You can also check some of the most popular WordPress plugin reviews.

Most widgets are free and there’s no harm trying them out. But, before you pay for one make sure to do your homework and find out if it really helps.

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Nicolas is a WordPress expert and he uses a number of widgets on this WordPress websites. He is presently developing a website which offers WordPress download plugin and evaluating which widgets to use in the website.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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