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Can Pictures be Used for Optimization? Absolutely.

image optimization for SEOI feel that there are not always things that you can learn from a book or from a post or from someone without doing it yourself. This can be true of anything. Things like SEO or website design or even things like painting. Everything has its own pieces that you may not learn about unless it happens by accident or trial-and-error. Okay, not everything but some things.

I have found a few things by accident while creating two websites. One is a business blog and the other is a creative, personal blog. The one thing in particular that I have stumbled across twice, once for each blog, is the fact that my photos are driving traffic to my websites.

This is how/what I found out…

First, Google Analytics. That’s always a good place to start when searching about how your traffic is behaving. The reason being it has this awesome tool that shows you what terms were typed into Google that ended up directing users to your website.

For my business blog, I saw that the number one post that was being seen was a post about the Canon Rebel T3i. I wasn’t sure why except that it’s a popular camera. Then I realized that one of my major traffic terms was “Canon Rebel T3i”. After I did some more searching through Analytics, I realized that the traffic coming in was from Google Images. So I did my own search, not signed in to not skew the results, and I saw our picture right at the top. I was surprised. I clicked on it and guess where it took me…straight to my highest ranking blog post.

That was an interesting realization that the title I gave the picture was what people were finding my site with by simply searching for the photo they wanted.

After that, I forgot about the fact that had happened. Months later, the same thing happened again with my personal blog. I chose a background for my blog that I named “Dark Magic Background”, and that turned out to be my highest ranked term for finding my site according to Analytics.

So that’s how I learned that photos can be an SEO-pointer too. At this point I don’t know how many people use photos actively to point people to their websites, but I can feel that becoming something that is joined into the already busy mix of SEO.

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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys writing for Long Island Toyota dealers and their many online classifieds, but writing in general makes the author happy anyway.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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