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Selling Online Can Be Easily Difficult and the Difficulty Can Be Easily Removed from the Equation

IntuitThere are many of us that see one company selling online and think to themselves “I can do that.” And they may be very right. It may end up being very simple or at least easy to get into process for some; however, for others it may turn quickly to a “What was I thinking?” process.

I think it is easier than some make it out to be but definitely not simple. I think what happens more often than not is that people overwhelm themselves with so many materials on what to do and what not to do that it makes it so hard to weed through the important information, the relevant information and the right information.

Recently, I began the adventure of trying to set up an online store for a family member and getting into it was a lot of trial and error as the process continued. For example, we wanted to most cost effective way of building an online eCommerce site without paying more for the site than we were going to put together for the merchandise. Like many people before us, we started with Google.

We were able to find a few websites like Wix, Weebly, and some others I hadn’t heard of before that were offering the ability to build a free site. Although to be able to use the actual features and set them live, there would of course be a fee which we were going to have to pay no matter who we went with. It seemed easy enough, especially because we could build the entire site for free before even having to worry about it. We both even found website options through television commercials as they came on. We tried all the ones we thought would work the best, but in the end chose the website creator through Intuit.

The reason for this choice was because it offered the ability to use their website builder, and it was completely integrated with their eCommerce site options. This meant we could track merchandise, customers, out of stock items, shipping, logistics, site traffic, advertizing and about another two dozen pages of options.

So, after we built the site, bought the product, updated the site with all the information—more than a week’s worth of work—Intuit didn’t give the option for our website to be designed outside of their template options unless we want to code the design. Although they had sold us on making a beautiful website in a simple way, it turns out that the website builder from Intuit didn’t come with the eCommerce package and COULDN’T…so we had to try something else…

Needless to say, it was easily difficult at first, but then the difficulty was taken out easily…for some time.

We are still working on our site with a new provider, but have a bit to go before we can launch. So my advice: check your options before you commit. Every option. Every detail. It will make it easier.

Good luck.

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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys building websites while also writing content for Long Island Toyota dealer websites and their available online classifieds.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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