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The Importance of Social Network Account Appearances and How to Make Them More Appealing

The goal of having a social networking presence is to get noticed, so not taking the time to improve the appearance of your accounts? It's a bad idea.

When people arrive at your social network account, whether it's a Facebook page or a Twitter account, they should immediately get a sense for who you are. That means including basic information about your business - such as what you do, where you're located, and contact information - but also creating a design that reflects your brand.

If you already have a branding concept established on your website, that's great! You can bring those design elements over, but don't be afraid to be a little more fun and informal on your social networks. This is an opportunity to really connect with your potential customers, make them feel welcome.

So how do you go about making your social networks more appealing? Here are a few tips.

Make use of all the personalization options. Almost all social networks offer you default design options - icons, backgrounds, color schemes, layouts. Find out everything you can change and make use of it. Look at how other businesses, particularly those in your area of expertise, are using their accounts for inspiration.

Follow basic web design rules. Just because you can get a little informal on social networks doesn't mean you should throw the rulebook out the window. First and foremost, you want people to be able to make use of your social network, so keep the basics in mind. Choose a font that's legible. Make sure the background isn't so busy that it detracts from your content. And don't be afraid of using white space to draw your visitors' attention where you want it.

Upload photos. On many social networks, particularly Facebook, you have the opportunity to share images. Give your visitors something visual to explore when they discover your social network. This is a great way to really take people inside your company. Consider sharing behind-the-scenes photos, pictures from company celebrations or outings, and images that capture the history of your company.

Put a face to it. Another way to help people connect with your social network is to share an image of the person who will be running it. This gives a sense that they will be connected with an actual human being on the other end of the account rather than simply a business entity.

Match the design of the site. Each social network site has a different color scheme and layout. While you don't want to radically alter the brand you've already established for your company, you can make a few minors tweaks to have it fit better within the overall scheme of the social network. When creating your design, don't do it in a vacuum - consider how it will complement the existing layout on the social network that you can't change.

Keep it consistent. If you have several social networks, you certainly want to design specifically for that venue. After all, each social network has its own specific dimensions for photos and puts emphasis on different places. But, that being said, it's also beneficial to have some consistency across the formats. This can help you establish your overall brand - and also help people realize that they've come to the right place if they're looking for you on Facebook after having discovered you on Twitter

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