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The Importance Of Google Places Listings

Most organizations have realized the growing importance of online marketing to tap local customers online. However, internet marketing is highly competitive. Millions of websites are operating online thereby making it almost impossible for any website to maintain top ranking in organic search results. Since local business accounts Google Placesfor about 70 percent of sale, business organizations are seeking alternatives to get quick visibility online and tap local customers. This is where Google places come in to play. Having a Google listing offers numerous benefits.

Google listings are free

Unlike pay per click marketing which requires considerable investment to get quick visibility for chosen keywords, Google listings allow you to get your local business listed without spending anything. Moreover, you can have your business listed, even if you dont have a website. All you need to do is verify your business address through a validation process which is usually completed in hours.

Offer enhanced visibility

By providing videos, photos, contact information, description as well as map, Google listings provide a better internet presence of your business to online customers. Increased visibility acts as a USP in driving local prospects. Moreover, better visibility helps to get exposure to a huge client base in a local area.

Assure top ranking in search results

Unlike organic search engine optimization where you can not be sure whether your business will get top ranking, an intelligently written Google places page enable your business to get first page rank in local listings. If your business gets top ranking, there are likely chances of driving targeted and local prospects to your business place quickly in no time.

Helps people search your business

Since Google listing allows you to display your web address, physical address and contact number, customers are able to find information about your business quickly. Nowadays, more and more people are browsing the net using mobile application. Google listings are highly optimized for mobile application which increases the chances of getting more customers.

Give you an edge over your competitors

Google listings are assigned higher priority by Google in search engine results. The search ranking of your site is improved using this effective online strategy. Enhanced search ranking means more visits by prospects, and prospects means sale which is the main aim of any business. Listing your business in Google places offer you an edge over your competitors who are not using this effective strategy.

Thus, taking advantages of Google places updates is an absolute necessity in order to promote your local business effectively on the net. Local businesses that fail online are often those that dont capitalize Google listings. Businesses that employ this useful online marketing strategy stay ahead of their competitors and get better customer visits and sales.

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Tim Smith is a freelance writer, blogger, and SEO fanatic. In the past 5 years he has delved into topics such as local search marketing, search engine optimization, and online marketing. He dreams of one day getting a job at "the Big G" (Google).

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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