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Make Money with your Existing Knowledge

There is no escaping the demand for knowledge fuelled by the World Wide Web. There are places like Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and About.com that have established themselves as credible places to secure information on almost any subject. Although these are well-established sources of information, for very specific information, there are better places. Someone who has a unique or specific knowledge in a particular field can be an authority on the subject by using a blogging platform. Blogs can be set up for free and there are many ways to make money using a blog.

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Monetizing a Blog

There are many different ways to monetize a blog. The best way to earn money will often be different from subject to subject. If you are providing tuition or educating your blog visitors, you may be able to recommend products that help with the subject about which you are blogging. A good example is telling people about your experience with your children, and recommending baby changing stations, or children’s education products. You can collect commission for sales from places like Amazon, ClickBank or Commission Junction. Specialist knowledge does not have to come from people who have had extensive training or education in a subject. A personal experience is often more relevant to a reader’s own experiences and they would prefer to read information from a peer’s perspective. This adds extra weight to any recommendation from your site.

Create a Series to Earn Money Long Term

The best way to make money through a blog is to give your writing away free. If a visitor arrives at your blog, you should immediately offer them a free course in exchange for their email address. Then you can email your members or visitors whenever you create the next chapter of your course and you make money. This gives you much more chance of retaining readers and over time, you can build a level of trust with your readers. The more you can bring customers back to your blog, the more they will share your writing with their friends and the better chance you have of establishing yourself as a guru in your field.

Using Advertising Networks

There are advertising networks popping up all the time. The most popular of all ad networks is Google AdSense. This is where you have adverts placed on your site with relevance to the content on your page. If you are blogging about cooking, you may expect to have recipe books or kitchen utensils advertised through the ads placed by Google. Every time someone clicks an ad on your blog, you would receive a portion of the advertising revenue.

Google have become the masters ad targeting and some blogs make considerable revenues from AdSense. The Best earning bloggers are people who do extensive keyword research and target their blogs so that Google includes the highest paying ads. Someone who blogs about personal injury would receive more per click than a food blogger, because the visitors who click on those ads are worth more to the people

High Paying Advertisers

Researching your chosen subject is a critical factor when creating a profitable blog. There are some very high paying advertisers and knowing what to blog about makes a big difference. It is also important to stay with one theme when blogging. If you blog about many different subjects, they should all be kept on separate blogs. By creating a lot of content on a similar subject and placing it all in one blog, you are creating a highly targeted outlet. Some of the best earning blogs are successful at attracting the best paying advertisers.

If you have any knowledge of property, finance or the legal industry, you should be able to write content that pays well. If you don’t have any specialist knowledge, or you want to learn about a subject that pays well, there are many places to start. Sign up for a free course and get to grips with a subject that is of interest to you. If you have a genuine interest, writing about the subject on a regular basis will be a lot easier. Obviously, if you have always wanted to speak Spanish, learning online and blogging about it may not be very easy. Choose something that should be easy to learn, but will also have a wide appeal.

Target Money Makers

Anything that makes money for businesses online, are generally good paying advertisers. Someone who blogs about how to play Poker or about the big winners in the Poker world will be attract advertisers looking for Poker players to join their site. This is just one example of a completely online business that needs a constant supply of new visitors and they always pay well. 

You could be forgiven for seeing this as a win-win avenue to go down. Not only would your emersion into the subject area make you a subject matter expert, you could then reflect this in your online venture (blog etc.) whilst using your knowledge / skill in an actual online game or even tournament! Like all good new venture prospectors, way up the risks involved first before jumping in feet (or hands) first.

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