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Blurb Brings You eBooks for the iPad Made Simple: Facebook Style

Creating eBooks is much easier than some think, and there are plenty of easy to use programs/websites to help the process too. There is one in particular that I have used for books in the past (and will also use in the future), and the website is called Blurb. Recently I learned that Blurb not only does photo books, regular books but also eBooks.

I wanted to see just how easy it was to make an eBook, so I went through the process and made my own using Blurb.com and its Bookify program.

The basics of it: you sign in, design a book, have Blurb convert it to an eBook and you’re done. Not too bad at all. For those that enjoy more details, here you go:

eBook with Blurb Bookify

The first step is to sign in to Blurb.com > Apps > eBooks for iPad > Get Started.

There are three ways to create an eBook. First you must create a book, and then after you will have the option to convert it. The three ways include: Easy-To-Use Templates – More Customization – Full Creative Control.

I decided to choose the first one and try out the ability to download photos from places such as Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Zenfolio, Facebook and Instagram.

Again, click the big “Get Started” button.

There are a few things to make choices about at this point.

First: Choose a book size.

Second: Choose a style (clean and simple, elegant, bold black fun and funky)

Third: Choose how to upload. I choose the Facebook route.

At this point you have to authorize the use of Blurb through Facebook. Once it’s done, you can choose which Facebook photo albums for it to pull photos from. Once they are done importing, you can choose for the program to place the photos for you or you can drag and drop them yourself.

Whichever you choose, the fun part begins. Once the photos are added or once you have placed the photos where you want them, you can edit pieces of the pages, including the cover and the front page.  For the last two, you can add a title, subtitle, and the author name. For the pages with pictures, you can add text at the bottom of each one.

Other changes include:

·         moving pictures around

·         change color of backgrounds

·         “shuffle layout” (i.e. full page, small thumbnail)

For the cover there are more options aside from just the adding of titles and such, you can also add pics to front cover, back cover spine and flaps and also choose the cover type: hardcover, dust jacket; hardcover, imagewrap; or a softcover.

When you’re done, you can preview the book to make sure everything is as you want it. Click done, and it will tell you if there are any problems before it saves the book to your “private bookstore”. Now that it’s there, you can see the price if you printed it or you can choose the “convert to eBook” option.

Next fill in information about the book: author, title, subtitle, book description, and category…even tags…click save.

The final part is the ability to choose if the eBook is free, has a price, list it on the Blurb bookstore, edit it or delete it.

Blurb is just one of the options, and there are plenty of others ones too. So try this one out or try out any other. Have fun creating your own book.


About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart has been writing books for a long time, while she’s not writing for Michigan GMC dealers or other online classifieds.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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