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5 Reasons to Use Majestic Site Explore For Link Building

If there’s one thing that most search marketers agree on it’s that a successful link portfolio forms the backbone of any good SEO campaign. To create a strong and varied link profile, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of what links you already have and what links you need to overtake your competitors, so how can this be done?

Majestic Site Explorer

The Majestic Site Explorer is a popular tool for SEO professionals right across the board. Allowing users to not only view their link history but compare this to their competitors, it is clear that this is one tool not to be underestimated. However, so many people still don’t take full advantage of the platform and fail to make complete use of what is available to them. There are countless reasons why using Majestic Site Explorer is vital for your link building campaign, but here are just five reasons your strategy shouldn’t be without it.

  1. As its results are so up to date, this application is especially useful following a disruption in your sites ranking after a major algorithm update. With updates such as the Penguin and Panda focusing on link activity, it is important in the rebuilding stages to see where your links are from in order to get rid of unnatural links and replace them with higher quality ones.
  2. This full detailed back analysis not only allows you to see links for your full URL but also for sub domains to enable you to compile a more detailed plan of action that needs to be taken.
  3. When you have spent time and effort creating a well thought out and effective link building strategy, don’t let this go to waste by failing to monitor your approach. Unfortunately many do fall under this category, but using Majestic Site Explorer allows you to check your link growth for the last 30 days to let you see what is working and what areas call for improvement.
  4. As well as checking your own link growth, with the advanced package you can also keep track of your competitors’ efforts for the past 30 days. It goes without saying but in order to beat your rivals to the top of the SERPs, it is essential to see how many links you need and of what quality.
  5. As well as individually checking yours and your competitors link activity, you can also set results to compare these in graph form, displaying quickly and clearly how and where these strategies differ. Time is precious in the SEO world and this is one way of maximising your time.

Too many people rush into the link building process with the wrong ideas and advice, but using a tool such as Majestic Site Explorer should provide you with a clear set of objectives to follow. You might also want to read guide to SEO process.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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