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Top Web Designer Free Online Tools

Free online tools that can be used in daily routine of web designers and developers, to save time or just bring some new ideas.

Every web designer or web developer wants to do work easier and looking for shortcuts, free tools, helpers or just ideas. One of the first thing that I've learned in my career is importance of finding the best and most trusted resources to ease or just help me to do job easier and better. These are resources that I've started using a while ago, all of this websites have improved my productivity and quality of my web design works.


If the first step is choosing CMS or programming language to develop website, the 2nd one is always choosing the color scheme. This site was built to help web developers quickly select and test website color combinations. Website features several useful tools like - Combo Maker, Combo Tester, Combo Library, Combo Resource, etc.


The next step in web design probably for most of us are choosing background patterns. BgPatterns is a tiny web app for making background patterns in a few clicks. It can be real fun playing with options, colors, images, canvas.


I think title of this website is self explanatory and definitely this is the best source to search for icons, for sure can bring more results than Google image search tool, and more importantly results with higher quality. Previously I've used different icon search engine, but definitely this is the best one. Every experienced web designer knows that quality icons can improve design and say 100 worlds in 100 different languages.

What The Font?

This is a bit tricky tool, so you have seen a logo or image and you really like the font, you have already search for hours in your local fonts and also web font database, still have no clue which font is used!? Well, don’t waste your time getting mad, use this tool and found out which font is used in uploaded image.

Xenocode Browsers

Probably the best tool to check cross browser look of particular website. Support all major web browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Downside IE was recently removed by request of Microsoft, 2nd downside this online tool can't be used on Linux or Mac.

Test Everything

Testing HTML and CSS validation, SEO and PR, social, images, etc. This tool offer different categories for testing at one place. I think it is still experimental and much more capabilities will be available soon.

CSS Sprite Generator

One of the best way to make website faster is to reduce number of HTTP requests. Somebody will call it advanced technique to optimize website speed, however it can be done fairly easy in most cases with CSS Sprite Generator tool. This tool require a bit deeper knowledge and probably beginners will have hard time do to it, in this case and if you are developing website based on CMS for example WordPress or Joomla, you'd better try to find a plug-in which will do the job automatically.

Are you a web developer? Then you should check 50+ Web Development Applications and Side Tools article.

What about you? Can you add some other tools in this web tools collection which can be used in daily routine?

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