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Time to Adapt Your Website or Is It?

Adaptation. We do it all the time. In daily lives. Daily routines. In companies, businesses. Families. Friendships. Everything has to adapt as the world changes. Does it seem so odd that a website must do the same thing? Probably not. It’s important to be able to change with customers or with the industry you are in. It’s like being a part of marketing and not taking into account the change of the industry. This would definitely be a mistake, and so would not adapting your website over the years.

Do you remember what older websites looked like?


True this may be a really old kind of template, but in reality, as you can see by the date…this was created as late as 2009. But imagine you were trying to sell something, and these old colors are what you have on your website. Guaranteed that more than 90 percent of visitors would leave pretty quickly if this is what they see. I know I do. If the website is too cheesy, left in this old way of designing, I leave it immediately. I don’t check out anything.

But updates and adaptation don’t only have to do with design, it also has to do with photos, content and other pieces of the website. The amount of changes or adapting needed also depends on your industry too. If you have a craft site, you may not need to update as much due to the nature of the timeless crafts, but if you have a vehicle website, you may want to keep with the new models and styles and technology as they enter the market.

I had to update a client’s website that had only 2010 to 2011 models, and we were in the middle of 2012. That took time, but it was important for visitors to know that the site was up-to-date with important new pieces of the industry.

I definitely believe that it’s possible to create a website that is practically timeless, and I say practically because it may not need changes for years and years and be a great website. An example would be Amazon.

The colors work together nicely, not too bright. The images are large. The layout is simple. Not a million things to look at all at once. There is plenty of information to answer any visitor questions, and the check out/cart is even easier with step-by-step pages.

Websites should adapt as often as they need to. There are no strict rules just the knowledge to always keep your audience in mind.


About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart never had an old school website but can appreciate the growth of websites since then. She currently writes for NY Hyundai dealers and others who need fresh content on their websites like online classifieds.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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