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How to Peruse SEO Company Reviews

Being a consumer is not a 'given' luxury.  Sure, one can technically get out their credit card and commence collecting any heart-desired commodity.  But that would not be very smart.  Consumers exercise due diligence when making purchases.

Business decisions warrant more diligence.   Those, like your bosses, would agree.  Here's a scenario: Your boss tells you the company is interested in investing in search engine optimization.  You quickly conduct a search for SEO company reviews or a comparable query.  What will you see?  Exactly what you need or expect?  Maybe so, maybe not- consider the following information about company reviews.

Is it Paid?

Some SEO company reviews are paid reviews.  It doesn't mean they are not valuable.  But it's necessary to separate an objective review from an advertisement, which some are essentially.  It's worth your time to consider the source of the SEO review.  Is it a reputable source?  Why was the review done?  What is the author's career path, are they in the industry too?  Does the author write posts in exchange for payment?  Ensure you can decipher whether the review is objective or a paid advertisement.

Is it Multi-faceted?

What are the SEO company reviews reviewing actually?  The overall provider?  Are they being graded on social media alone? Are they being graded at all?  How is the reviewer comparing and contrasting the providers?  Your company may desire an SEO provider with deep pay-per-click experience.  A particular review is not multi-faceted, not providing specific information related to PPC.  Using the example, you would be better off perusing another review focused on pay-per-click services.

What is the Agenda?

While we would like to hope we live in a world where all web content can be taken at face value, practical people understand we do not.  Approach SEO company reviews practically- is there an author agenda?  Are they more of an advocate of the brands rather than a consumer?  Do they have relationships with owners of the brands?  Again, it may not necessarily take away from the value of the review.  But it's necessary to understand the scope of perspective to make an educated decision.

It's Not a Sprint?

Should you do a quick search for full SEO firm reviews, survey the firms provided, and then make a decision on the spot?  No way! Give yourself more time.  Look at a number of reviews.  Note if you keep seeing the same brands mentioned again.  Decide whether you need one or several offered services and choose a company aligned with your needs.  Be patient.  Gather information by reading several reviews.   Take additional steps, such as fielding references, to get familiarized with specific vendors.

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Will Schnieder is the CEO of SEOCompanies.com, a website that enables individuals to search for quality SEO agencies. He also writes on SEO, social media, mobile, and other online marketing matters. Note: The image is licensed from Shutterstok. Note: In-body link to SEOCompanies.com.

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