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Tips for Online Security

The birth of the Internet has brought a lot of changes in our lives and on how we normally do things. Before, people would rather talk over the phone than connect to the internet and check their respective social networking sites. They would rather meet up in person than have an online conference or a quick chat over an online messenger system.

Now, everything has changed dramatically. Thanks to the faster internet connections we have these days, the availability of wireless networks and routers, people have appreciated the use of the internet by utilizing it for paying bills online, checking emails, connecting to friends via social networking sites and more. These days most businesses can be transacted online too such as payroll, inventory, point of sales, accounting and more. Because of these, people have are so dependent on the internet that they just cannot imagine their life would be without it.

Just like any other technology, however, there are also definite drawbacks. One of the things that we should be concerned about when going online is, without a doubt, security. Security is now a major issue in the online world as hackers are all over trying to get important information from your computer to serve many purposes like accomplish identity theft, to cripple a network system or just make their presence known.

This may sound really scary for the netizens but thankfully there are actually steps that we can take to prevent any cyber attacks and online threats from happening.

  1. Install an Antivirus to your computer. Since viruses are all over the Internet, installing proper antivirus program would protect the system from virus attacks. You are assured that every file that you download from a website would be scanned through the program. You can also use the antivirus to scan other drives like the USB drive every time you use a new disk.
  2. Backup all of your files at least once a month. To make sure that your files such as photos, documents and projects are safe, make a copy in an external hard drive or a DVD and back these up at least once a month. This way you can be assured that whatever happens to your computer, you still have a copy of your files. We will never know what these virus attacks might do the next time we face them.
  3. Use only secure site when making important transactions online. When you pay your bills online or when you enter your financial information such as credit card, debit cards or bank details, make sure that you are using a secure website. Usually secure websites start with (https://). If not, contact the merchant and verify if the website is safe for financial transactions.
  4. Prevent Keyloggers from grabbing your passwords. A “Keylogger” is a software program that records your real time activity including the keyboard keys they you press. To prevent keyloggers from grabbing your password, provide strong passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess. Avoid using common words for your password such as your nickname, birthday, etc. Instead use a combination of text, numbers and even alphanumeric characters to make it difficult to crack.
  5. Never store personal and financial details in your computer. This includes your credit card number, passwords and more. Don’t make the near-fatal mistake of putting these details in a text file to protect this information from hackers.

The internet is still the best invention to date when it comes to computers and technology. Yet you have to make sure that you use it wisely and never stop trying to make your computer safe from online threats.

Author’s Bio: The power of going online has opened a whirlwind of risks to internet users and one of them are Cyber threats. The author, Abie, has discussed about Targeted threats in the many articles that she has written for her technology blog.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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