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6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platform available today. Almost everybody, from common people to the rich and famous have a Twitter account and have been using it not just to interact with their followers, but to establish an online presence as well.

Twitter for BusinessTwitter has more than 200 million members tweeting almost 65 millions tweets per day, which makes it as a great source of audience to promote products and services. Many businesses have seen the potential of Twitter that they too have joined the bandwagon and have been using Twitter for the benefit of their company.

But it is not just enough that an organization creates a Twitter account. In order for an Internet Marketing campaign that taps Twitter as the major resource to be successful, here are some of the guidelines that every business owner must observe:

  1. Customize your profile. The first thing that one must do after creating a Twitter account is to customize their profile by adding pictures, company information, URL of company’s website and more. Also use keywords that are relevant to your niche or business category when writing description as it helps search engine spiders to index your Twitter profile faster.
  2. Learn the basics of Twitter. Once you have setup your profile, learn the basics of Twitter like the use of “d” to send a direct message and “@” to send a public message intended to a particular member, to fully maximize all of its features. The retweet function can also come handy for sharing valuable information or links related to your niche or that will benefit the readers.
  3. Connect to your Audience. Your Twitter account will be useless if you don’t have a rich base of followers that you constantly interact with. Start by following your friends, colleagues, people in the same industry, people you think might be interested with your products and services, and the like. Following these people is your first step in reaching out to them, which can encourage them to follow you back. Increasing your followers also broadens the audience that you can reach but it is also important to note that quality over quantity of followers is still important. This means that it is more valuable to have followers that interact with you and check out your tweets than have thousands of followers who don’t even bother to read your posts.
  4. Post Valuable Tweets. Be creative when posting tweets so it will catch the attention of your followers and will increase the likelihood that they will check out or even share your tweet. Although your main purpose for creating a Twitter account is to promote business, your tweets shouldn’t all be about marketing, as this will make your followers lose interest on you. Instead share news relevant to your niche or business, tips and tricks and other information that your followers might find helpful.
  5. Use Third Party Tools to Manage your Twitter Account. There are a lot of free downloadable applications that can help you manage your account. Software like Tweetdeck that monitors keywords of particular interest to your business and adds a separate column for mentions of your company; Twitpic for sharing pictures and videos to make your post more interesting; URL shortener to shortened URLs that you share in Twitter to meet the word limitation of Twitter and many more.
  6. Add Hashtags to your Tweet. Hashtags are very useful as it makes your tweet searchable not just by Twitter members, but by search engines as well. You can add a hashtag to your tweet by typing “#” followed by a keyword that is relevant to your post.

Twitter can be a big help in the promotion and branding of your company. By following the tips mentioned above, you are tapping one of the greatest marketing resource that can help establish an online presence for your business and can eventually bring revenue for your company.

Author’s Bio: Abie is a freelance blogger and article writer. One of her newest projects is content writing about Eastpak at Pak30 website.

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