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Construction Marketing

When it comes to marketing material for a specific field such as construction marketing, it is important to know where to start. Design agencies who deal with construction marketing on a daily basis, need to have the knowledge and ability to create individual brand identities that stand out from the pack.

Construction MarketingIn the initial stages of construction marketing, if the design agency and the construction company are new associates then it is important that the designers are able to raise awareness of the business through marketing strategies. This type of B2B marketing may include designs to incorporate a new brand identity and a material style that flows throughout the company i.e. the same style is used throughout all company docs from letterheads and business cards to site hoardings and tenders. To enable construction marketing to be successful, the design agency will need to understand all brand guidelines and have a good knowledge of competitor designs – this will help the construction company to win tender submissions, look professional and create an outstanding, long-lasting company profile.

However, construction marketing is not necessarily always design work for documents; this marketing type can be directional towards different areas depending on who the design is for or on behalf of so that the design promotes competence and brand awareness depending on who it is aimed at.

Construction marketing has many different levels that design agencies can work with, for example they may wish to have site hoarding, tender applications, QR codes, a microsite for a particular build or even an app to demonstrate previous experience – all these methods of marketing are beneficial to the construction industry if they are done well. Design agencies needs to understand who the material is for, from and why it is important. Nowadays the construction industry is changing and projects are becoming integrated and so many employees involved in a build need now to know more about projects they work on whereas years ago, the architect was simply the architect and didn’t need to understand or know about the budgeting strategies, on-going maintenance or running costs therefore the marketing material needs to demonstrate and support the building of relationships within the construction industry. Because of this, a good design agency will develop the brand identity so that it can be worked across all regions and be used to present documents and material to whichever audience necessary.

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To see an example of how a design agency has effectively captured construction marketing for Willmott Dixon, please see the link: https://synergyagency.co.uk/willmott_dixon/ipad_apps.php

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Monday, 27 June 2022
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