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Top 5 Firefox Add-ons Your Office Should be Using for SEO

Why is SEO not a priority for you and your office?

In all likelihood, there are a couple of reasons why not. Maybe you need a visual reminder of what SEO is, and how it can be accomplished. Maybe you’re not reminded about SEO at all because it’s out of sight and out of mind. Maybe your SEO efforts always see in vain because you don’t know how to improve your own site’s standings.

That’s a lot of problems to have. Luckily, there may be just one solution: the Firefox Add-on. Adding a program to your browser that will help you improve your company’s SEO is not only a great way to learn about SEO, but learn what your business may have been doing wrong all along. If you’re interested in fixing your SEO strategies, let’s pay attention to these top 5 Firefox SEO Add-ons.

1. SEO for Firefox. Okay, we’ll admit: this is an easy one to start with. Created by SEO strategist Aaron Wall – the author of SEOBook.com – this Add-on has something to the tune of over half a million users precisely because it’s the single most comprehensive SEO tool out there. Sure, it won’t give you a distinct advantage over the competition because of this fact, but it will catch you up to speed – and fast.

2. SEOQuake. If you’re looking for a quick diagnosis on a specific site, SEOQuake is the type of Add-on you need to have because it’s built for exactly that type of query. It will give you SeoBar, which displays all sorts of parameters and measurements of the page you have open on your browser, as well as search engine results of the queries you enter in to, say, Google. This helps you evaluate not only your own site but the sites of the competition.

3. SEO Doctor. Of course, how can we talk about SEO diagnoses if we’re not talking about SEO Doctor? This is a great Add-on that you can use if you have a site that you want to fix and need to know specific points that will help you do so. It will help you generate ideas for any SEO clients or items to propose to fix the SEO of your own site. In essence, it does exactly what it promises: a “house call” of sorts to a site that is sick in the ways of SEO.

4. SenSEO. Checking everything from headings to URL paths, this Add-on is a great one for people who are less concerned about the results of SEO and more concerned about the on-page optimization of their specific web pages. This is a great plugin for non-SEO professionals who need to be versed in what makes a web page optimized – for example, web developers and designers.

5. SEO Stats. Finally, if you just want raw stats, this is the Add-on to turn to; a side bonus is that you can also get stats based on your rankings in popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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