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Blog Posts vs. Press Releases: Which Works for You?

In the past, companies have used press releases to offer their customers, clients or others information about whatever topic they wanted to share. Whether it's information about a special or promotion, a new and upcoming event or whatever else they felt was newsworthy to share, a press release would the usual way to go. BUT, now there are social media options and social sites and blogs to be thrown into the mix.

Press Releases

Press ReleasesThere is usually one topic that is being shared via a press release announcement. There is usually a standard publication placed into a well-written, formally-written, and concisely-written document. Normally the press release offers news and information that helps the reader make an educated decision about the product, service or event.

A couple of the potential problems with press releases are:

  • They can be expensive to produce and distribute. Some sites offer countrywide distribution at $300 a piece or higher, up to even $1,000 per.
  • Too formal, boring or stiff for the average reader to read through. This can be one of the biggest turnoffs for readers.

One of those options is slightly fixable as there are many high-ranking press release sites such as PRLog.org (with a page rank 6 out of Google's rating of 10) that offers free services. It's true some websites have this free option but may not distribute as wide as paid services. The other option, however, can't be helped too much as press releases are usually written in a certain way.

Blog Posts

The only thing about blog posts is that they may not have the power to distribute like a press release. They are also cheaper to produce and are free to post onto blog sites. Another big plus about blog posts is that they are quick to post. Once you click submit, up it goes. A press release can take days once the release is approved.

Something else special to blog posts, they are more unique, oftentimes, than press releases. The reason for this is that press releases can get published to multiple sites once they are released while blogs usually get posted once. If a blog is discussed or talked about, usually the blog is linked to, not completely copied and pasted. This idea brings up another point about guest blogs brings more unique content since it won't (usually) be duplicated.

Final Verdict

The final verdict on which to use is: it depends on the situation. There is no exact answer to which is better, so try them out and see which one fits you or your company the best.

About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart not only writes blogs and press releases for different clients that offer NYC used cars and online classifieds, but also enjoys writing about special topics like crafting.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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