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Link Building Diversity Explained Plus Infographic

“The evergreen of SEO” or simply link building. It is not a rocket science , but there are many tricks involved in quality link building. Here I will list some link building ideas along with our infographic related to diversifying link building strategies.

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Source diversity

Building links from various sources is essential factor. There are several good advantages for doing this.
One reason is that major search engines value this type of link building diversification. If all your backlinks come from a single type of sites for example blog comments, is more likely to look like spamming and trying to manipulate search engine results. If you have links from multiple types, it looks more natural and prove that website have some value.
Another reason is that search engines like Google are constantly amending the algorithms and quite often they blacklist some type of websites, for example article directories were popular way of link building before Panda update and on the other hand Penguin update completely changed the landscape of link evaluation, as well all latest algorithms are targeting for penalties websites that buy and sell links.


Anchor text is a major signal for relevance for search engines, although there are few other things that algorithms are checking:

  • Nearby links
  • Nearby text
  • Page placement
  • Overall page context
  • Overall site context
  • Other inbound and outbound links

Determining a Link’s Value

There are many metrics for evaluating a link, many of those data items are hard to determine. The best strategy is to concentrate on any kind of links with high and low value, however here are few factors that matters:

  • The Page Rank
  • Authority of the site
  • Linking page
  • Number of outbound links on the linking page
  • The relevance of the linking page
  • Do-follow or no-follow link

Types of Link Building

Well, there are many different approaches to link building and there are few different ways to get natural and unnatural links. Without going into details, I will just list those ways and leave brainstorming to you:

  • Using Content to Attract Linking
  • Content that build trust
  • Non-commercial content
  • Targeting trending topic

Marketing Content for Link Acquisition

  • Content syndication
  • Social media
  • Spreading content through guest blogging


  • Article Directories
  • Link Directories
  • Classifieds

Direct requests

If you have any questions related to link building or our infographic, do not hesitate to ask me in comment.

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