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Keys to an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been multi-faceted, but online marketing is one essential facet that has multiple contexts of its own. You understand the value of keywords and SEO, but are you maximizing as many online contexts as possible to make your business visible to the masses? Tackle one of the following keys at your next marketing team meeting.


Customers in the 21st century value authenticity. Reality television reminds us that some aspects of human nature are universal. Weblogs began as online diaries. Imagine your diary being available for the entire world to read! It sounds like the theme of nightmares, but it caught on. People began to read blog posts and happily respond with, "Me, too. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one."

That same authenticity is desired from business. A blog allows your company to tell its story to current and potential clients. Visitors can learn about your staff, your goals, your charitable work, and your products. More than a fluffy venue for adding content, blogs give visitors a glimpse into the personhood of your company.

Social media

Social media is such a broad category these days that discussing it as a whole seems futile. Here are some of the top spots your company should leverage in your online marketing campaign:

  • Facebook offers business pages which can essentially serve as a secondary website for your company. The new cover photo style allows you the opportunity to brand the business page so that it cohesively ties in to your other marketing strategies.
  • Twitter provides an entirely new spin on authenticity. You can follow your favorite celebrities, your close friends, and your favorite brands all in one place. Tweets serve as a launching point for announcing new products, new blogs, motivational thoughts, and even job openings.
  • Google + is a combination of social media mixed with elements of a Venn diagram.
    Pinterest continues to gain new addicts, um…followers daily. It's a perfect place to post unique product photos and create contests to access more leads.
  • YouTube gives you the opportunity to talk to prospective clients around the world. Offer instructions on how to use your product, give a tour of your manufacturing facility, or upload video of the flash mob from your company picnic.


Email marketing continues to allow you to reach specific targets with products or services that would most benefit them. Whether you send an informative monthly newsletter or a weekly deal, emails keep your company name at the forefront of their minds.

Press releases

Apple has mastered the art of online press releases, using them to build anticipation, to report company earnings, and to announce the availability of their beloved new products. An entire section of their website is dedicated to these press releases, showing a virtual timeline of the company's history. With the advent of social media, press releases were shunned in favor of Tweets. However, Tweets are unlikely to become a news story while press releases have the potential to gain greater exposure (Tweets are limited to your followers) for your company via news sources.


Most companies think of webinars in the context of an inner office meeting. Other companies have leveraged the technology to host free webinars for the purpose of gaining leads. Webinars serve the same purpose as a seminar at an industry convention or trade show without all the overhead costs and travel time. Share your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and promote your brand at your computer desk.

Make online technology an unofficial member of your marketing by maximizing every possible opportunity to expose your company to the masses online right now.

Bio: This post was written by Custard Media; an online marketing agency that offers SEO, web design, and press release writing services.

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