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How To Make Money With A Blog Seriously

Some tips how to make money blogging and how to avoid common mistakes.

Not every blog is a serious blog; there are 133,000,000 blogs as per 2001. How many blogs are know and are giving people money out of all these? And what does a serious blog require? Many bloggers are seriously working hard to sell their blogs but they are not giving anything to the buyers, that are not a serious blog nor is the blogger serious with their work.

A serious blog is the one that gives what it is entitled for; meaning if the blog is about cars; don’t bring stories about the latest bicycles. Focus on your main keywords and give the information that you are sure off, give people information they want to know. Get to know what are the latest updates about cars and all about the issues facing all those who use car, be able to answer each and every question about cars. This tells you that you need to do a lot of cars and to be connected to big companies that makes cars that will help you get a lot of people coming for help and to keep posted. But if you as a blogger cannot be able to provide all these, you need to get serious or get out of the business.

A blogger who want to make money with his or her blog will go for clients and not wait for them. Remember having an online business or creating a blog is not like opening a supermarket. A supermarket can be seen by passers and they will go for window shopping and buying. It will be easy for it to be noticed by people but once you get a new site, getting visitors will be difficult and so you have to get them from wherever they are. Do you ask yourself how many people spend their whole day online working, searching for products, information and reading? It is quite a large number and it is not that easy to convince them about your stuffs if you cannot provide the best. So as you market, approach them with confidence, be true to yourself.

Maybe you are asking yourself, how do I market it?

Search engine optimization, is the best way in which you can tell the world ‘I have created a new site and you can see it and if you want more information you can contact me’. This is by doing blog commenting and forum posting. This is where you visit blogs and forums that are related to your niche. After that you can post a comment and leave a backlink to your site. This is quite an easy task, and it also helps in increasing knowledge of a blogger since you’ll get to know what others are saying about what you are dealing with and the main issue in that area. And after that you’ll need to improve your blog.

This will also help in increasing traffic in your site, when a person come to search for something in which they have no clue which website they can get it from, all they do is search it with a specific keyword from the search engines and what they will be given first will be their own option. Assume the site is top linked and doesn’t offer them what they wanted, they will; end up opening the first ten pages, and if yours is the or it satisfies their thirst, they’ll be coming there. And that is how you will be getting clients.

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Monday, 27 June 2022
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