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Five Reasons to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

If you're new to server hosting, you may be wondering what exactly is a Dedicated Server, and how it compares to Shared Hosting. In simple terms, the advantage of dedicated hosting is that you get better dedicated web hostingflexibility and much higher capacity, as well as advanced control over the server and get the freedom of selecting the OS plus the hardware as required. Selecting a reliable web hosting provider can be difficult and tricky operation. It is highly recommended to read a lot web hosting reviews from reliable sources first.

The main focus for us in this article will be to look into different features of dedicated server hosting, as well as the main reasons why you may want to choose this type of hosting. We will first be looking at some of the features of dedicated hosting.

Features of Dedicated Hosting

  1. Easy to execute any type of personalized web application.
  2. Better level of security in comparison to shared server hosting.
  3. Management of high traffic with the help of excellent connectivity and better bandwidth usage.
  4. Most suitable option for sites providing e-commerce features to its users.

Five Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Let us now go through some of the main advantages of dedicated server hosting, which make it the preferred choice for advanced web site owners:

  1. More Flexible: In dedicated hosting you get your own server thus as an owner you have much more flexibility in comparison to what you get in a shared hosting. Additionally, your server bandwidth is not shared with any other website which results in most stability and better performance of your site.
  2. Higher Security: The security you get is much higher in dedicated server hosting since applications utilized by your site exist on server thereby reducing security risks. With shared hosting, there are other sites on the same server whose owners are free to add their own applications, which can bring about security risks for your site; in a dedicated hosting environment, you do not have to worry about such things.
  3. Increased Bandwidth for Traffic: The good thing about dedicated server hosting is that increase in traffic can be efficiently managed. You can free to utilize all the bandwidth available on the server for your site. In a shared hosting it may happen that a website receives sudden influx of traffic and uses more of the available bandwidth on the server which in turn will affect performance of your website.
  4. Enhanced Scalability: You can get access to enhanced scalability as upgrades are easier in case site starts to receive large amount of traffic. In addition to it, since a dedicated server is considerably more expensive than a shared server, you also get much better customer support and any issues on the web site are likely to be promptly solved.
  5. Search engine optimization: In case of shared server hosting you share server space with several other websites and it is possible that some of those sites may be recognized by search engines as link farms or bad neighborhood. Being hosted on the same server, you will be sharing the C class for your IP with these spam sites, which could have negative effect on your web sites' search engine ranking.
    On the other hand... in a dedicated hosting package, the server space is not shared with anyone and thus you do not face this kind of risk. Another thing to point out is how quickly a web page loads; which is an aspect that search engines put increasingly more weight into; with dedicated hosting you are sure that pages on your site will be loading quickly, which in turn will improve your odds of getting good rankings.


If you're just dabbling with building websites as a hobby, then a shared host is the best option, as it's considerably (up to 10 times) less expensive. When you start getting serious about your websites or  for some reason (i.e. traffic overloads) you need a high performance server, then you will do well to consider upgrading to a dedicated hosting package.

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