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Open Source Software Solutions for Everyday Problems

Open Source Software Solutions for Everyday Problems

For many, a computer is an outlet for creativity, a tool for productivity, and a hub for entertainment. From watching movies, to creating videos and music, to getting things done, the possibilities are endless. For those who use their computers for everything it can do, the software needed to complete their tasks can get expensive. This is why open-source software can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here are a few free open-source software solutions to help you do what you want to do.


Audacity LogoEverybody loves music, regardless of the genre. Some of us even enjoy mixing and editing music. Audacity is a free music editor that breaks audio files down to the bones. You can add, remove, mix, fade in and out, just about anything you want to do with an audio file, Audacity allows it. You can even set it to record from your computers sound card to record streaming audio, or use your microphone to create presentations. It supports almost every type of audio file, allowing you to create and convert to various formats.


7-Zip LogoAs files get larger, zipping your files for transfer can save a lot of time and space. For a free zip software, 7-Zip makes it easy. Once downloaded and installed 7-Zip recognizes zipped files and unzips them for you. From there you can transfer the files to your folders. To zip a file, you just need to right click the file and choose to zip it in a 7-Zip archive. It is fast, easy to use, free software that eliminates the need to buy WinZip.



GIMP LogoA picture is worth a thousand words, for those who enjoy image editing and creation, Gimp can give you a voice. Not for the novice, Gimp offers many of the functions available in Adobe Photoshop without the price tag. You can use Gimp to edit photos, create digital art, or even add effects to your photos to give it personality and style. For bloggers and web designers this is a must have if you don't want to purchase expensive software.

Open Office:

Open Office LogoThis free software is a replacement for Microsoft Office. Created as an open-source office suite, you can find most of the functionality and tools that Microsoft Office offers. It will allow you to open, edit and create documents such as spreadsheets and word documents. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, so it can open files created in Office and sent to you. The usability is slightly different, but easy to learn and best of all, free.

Using your computer for more than browsing the internet is a great way to get things done and express yourself. With the right software, the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for free software solutions for your everyday computing needs, consider these open-source software options. 

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