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How to Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media

The popularity of different social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has made it one of the most popular ways used by different website owners to increase traffic to their site to promote their product and eventually bring sales to the company.

Why do website owners sees Facebook and other social networking site as an effective Internet marketing tool that can help boost website traffic? Here are some reasons:

  1. Anyone can sign up for a Facebook account for example, and utilize it to establish relationship with potential clients, drive traffic to a website, promote different products and services and ultimately bring revenue to the business for free.
  2. The different social networking sites also has millions of members which forms a huge base of would-be customers for different niche and the numbers are growing everyday, making it a good venue to promote a website and boost website traffic.
  3. The various social networking sites also extends the audience that you can reach as almost all people have a social networking account already and anyone who has access to the Internet can gain access to these social networking sites too.

So how can you use these different social networking sites as an effective Internet marketing tool to improve your website’s traffic?

  1. Create your business profile in these social networking sites and customize it by adding your company logo, information about your company and the like. More importantly, add your website’s URL in your profile. People tend to access their social media profile frequently and so by posting your site’s URL in your social networking page will increase the chance of people visiting your site by clicking the link that you added in the different social networking sites.
  2. Try to find members who are in the same niche as your site or who is interested in the products and services that you are offering. Post your site’s URL by adding comments to their post which other members can view and see to improve the traffic of your website.
  3. Add an icon in your website that will allow people to follow and connect with you via the different social networking sites. By doing this, people can just click the link posted on these sites which can increase the chance of people reading your content even without visiting your site.
  4. Post updates to your page regularly. You can share tips and tricks, how-to’s, news related to your niche and other information that your reader will find useful. More people will tend to follow you and read your content if you post relevant data other than just pure marketing campaign.
  5. Establish your community in these social networking sites. It is not just enough that you set up a Facebook page or Twitter account. You have to communicate with the other members in the group; especially those that are in the same niche or may be interested in your products or services. Once you have built a relationship with them, the more they will read your posts and visit your site often.

Business owners can’t dismiss the power of social media. If use right, it can be a very effective Internet marketing tool that can help boost traffic to a website and eventually attract potential customers to the business.

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This is a guest post by Melissa,she is a blogger and copy writer for SEO Doctor.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2022
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