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How To Create A Blog Schedule And Stick To It

If you’re swamped with too many things to do, maintaining a regular blogging schedule might become next to impossible. Take from this set of top tips on how to create a blog schedule and stick to it, straight from the mouths of top bloggers to you.

Creating A Blog Schedule Plan

1. Create A Plan

If you want to achieve your blogging goals, whether they are monetization or popularity, you have to plan your steps strategically. Having a plan in place puts you in control of the way you want to shape your blog. It also helps you work out your short and long term goals and create a strategic framework to achieve them.

2. Create A Monthly Blog Schedule Around Your Plan

For example, if your goal is to earn X amount of money in one year, figure out how much traffic you need to achieve. Figure out how many posts you have to upload and the marketing strategies you have to incorporate including social media. Make a list of your tasks for the month and create a blog schedule.

3. Define Strategies For Accomplishing Your Set Objectives

Define each strategy in detail – exactly how you are going to promote your blog, how you’re going to network, which key blogs are you going to target for guest posting and so on. Follow the written strategy when you’re ready to execute each move.

4. Create A Posting Schedule

Create a rocker of a post over the weekend, when more people are likely to spend time on their favorite blogs.During the week, plan on creating smaller posts, at least two or three times. Create a schedule, and plan for topics and content at least two weeks in advance.

5. Time Your Major Networking And Promotional Events

Do your major promotions on the day you post your significant post of the week. If you’re promoting your blog with a key player, do it on the day when you have a significant piece of content on your site.

6. Set A Goal For Each Post

Look for a return on each post you write, small or big. You should aim for something in return, whether it’s a new Twitter follower, a new comment or additional traffic volume.

7. Create A Worksheet

Create a master worksheet containing your annual goals. Include sheets for monthly goal and milestone breakups and include your SLAs, milestones achieved, evaluation, plan updates and so on. Update your worksheet at least once a week.

Sticking To Your Blog Schedule

8. Create A Day-To-Day Action Plan

Define your daily working structure, the number of hours you’ll be investing into activities such as writing, editing, SEO, publishing, responding to comments and so on. Make a list of all post-related activities, starting from sourcing topics to finally uploading the post.

9. Create Checklists

Create a separate checklist for each blog-related activity. For example, writing a post involves writing, spell checking, checking formatting, readability, checking facts, providing references, including tags and CTA. A checklist will help you stay on track.

10. Create And Measure Your Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Your SLAs can be writing X number of posts in a week, or promoting your blog on X number of channels in a week. Use Google Analytics and other tools to measure the metrics against your blog’s traffic, number of new visitors, key player mentions, conversion rate, and Twitter followers and so on.

11. Evaluate Mistakes Weekly And Monthly

Every week, watch market trends, notice small changes and update your strategy accordingly. Evaluate your income-generating keywords – don’t stick to the same keywords month after month.

12. Update Your Plan

Make changes to your overall plan every quarter based on your study of the market, your reach, your success so far. Record setbacks and modify your goals accordingly. Consider and add growth factors and monetization methods to your plan.

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