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Let's Explain Web Hosting [Video]

I thought I'd share this fun cut-out animation video that we made which helps explain the differences between the 3 major types of web hosting. One thing we are constantly hearing from out customers is how they really don't understand the differences between shared, vps, and dedicated web hosting. In the video, we compare different types of web hosting to different types of housing. I think it works nicely and answers the question; "Where does your website live?"

The video is based on our popular infographic that we turned into this animatic. The challenge was to explain all about web hosting, using no-tech solutions to not alienate our customers. I think the video suits many purposes even for those using it to explain the web-hosting world to newbies, clients, or simply for web developers to have a tongue-in-cheek laugh.

Hope you enjoy, here's the Youtube video:


Web Hosting Specialist

Juliana produced this video for InMotion Hosting - A web hosting company specializing in VPS servers based in Los Angeles. Please direct any questions to her Twitter @JulianaPayson where she'll be happy to explain it all in more detail, or you can check out more of her expert tips here: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/blog/author/juliana/

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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