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A Great HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Infographic

If you are currently an avid user of HTML code and are afraid of all the talk about HTML5, then you should know that the new code is an enhancement of existing code. There are some very useful new mark-up codes that are the very reason for the development of HTML5. If you are wanting to get on top of it, then you should start using them, even if it's just to get an understanding of them. Don’t, however, worry about a huge changeover.

If you're working with a team of webmasters and want to really get a feel for HTML5, a good idea would be to assign one person to learn and integrate the new codes into your team’s repertoire.

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InMotion Hosting offers an HTML5 Cheat Sheet to help their network of web developers. They are primarily a web hosting company and offer this as an aid to programmers. One of the first things you’re going to notice is that al lot of the new codes are just enhanced versions of the old ones. The cheat sheet separates the old enhanced, unsupported tags from the new ones. They also have a code snippet that you can copy and paste to put the cheat sheets on your website.

If you are new to HTML and are wondering if you should learn old or new code, just remember that it is all still very relevant and useful. HTML5 mixes perfectly with all of its’ prior versions. Tags are like words, you don’t really know how they work until you see them in action. Learn the basics about inserting HTML code for content management, buttons, etc. As your vocabulary grows so will your style and quality.

Go to this page (https://www.inmotionhosting.com/infographics/) for a thorough list of both new HTML codes.

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Our Cheat Sheet was designed to help our customer base, but since exploded onto the web developer scene as a useful elearning tool. Juliana is Marketing Specialist with coding knowledge for InMotion Hosting, a WebHosting company based in Los Angeles, CA. You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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