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Evolution of the Android Market

When the Android Market debuted in October of 2008, it was little more than an afterthought to Apple’s already thriving and buzz-worthy App Store which had launched just months before. But thanks to the Android Market’s developer-friendly, open nature and the growing popularity of the Android phones, the Android Market is set to overtake the App Store in a number of new apps and app downloads per year. In this infographic, we’ll lay out the growth of the Android market give you the scoop on all things Android apps.

Since 2008, the Android market has come a long way. In September 2011, the market boasted 295,000 apps, six billion downloads… and counting. While the Android market still competes with Apple, it has defined and differentiated itself as an “open eco-system” in which developers can offer their apps without jumping through extensive process hoops. In addition, Android offers more than 20% more free apps than Apple and allows a 24-hour refund window for downloaded apps.

Check out the infographic for a full look at the evolution of the Android Market.

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