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Digital Marketing In The Middle East Is Spreading In Popularity

Digital marketing in the Middle East faces some challenges even as it grows in popularity.

Digital MarketingAccording to a global conference planning firm that recently held a large digital marketing event in the Middle East, there are 30.2 million social media users in the Middle East today. Fifteen million of those users are on Facebook and 5.5 million of them are on Twitter across the region. Digital marketing in the Middle East is clearly on the rise, both for users and businesses – 12.5 percent of MENA businesses surveyed saw an increase in their digital marketing budgets of 80 to 100 percent in 2011.

Levant Digital is a full-service digital marketing firm in the Middle East that has several decades of businesses and marketing experience. Levant Digital customers can choose from a wide array of digital marketing services, including social media marketing, to improve their company’s online presence and increase their bottom line. By reaching out to the millions of Middle East users already online, Levant Digital helps companies capitalize on an existing customer base that is ready and waiting to be tapped.

Despite the obvious growth in popularity both on the user end and for some companies, Middle East digital marketing still faces many challenges. One of those hurdles is conducting marketing in Arabic – many marketing teams are led by non-Arabic speakers, and there is a lack of Arabic speakers with the skills for creating quality content. Headquartered in Beirut, Levant Digital has the exclusive privilege of collaborating with Wpromote, the United States’ #1 digital marketing firm. By combining the vast expertise and advanced technology of Wpromote with Levant Digital’s business savvy and prime location in the Middle East, an ideal partnership is formed for serving Middle East customers.

Perhaps the greatest drawback of digital marketing in the Middle East right now is the inability of many companies to track or measure ROI. Fifteen percent of Middle East companies do not even attempt to measure their social media ROI. More than half of all opportunities for Middle East digital marketing currently lie in social media, but without measuring the impact a campaign has on users, all efforts are useless. Levant Digital conducts rigorous collection and tracking of data regarding the effect of campaigns on users. Measuring ROI should be an essential part of the overall process of Middle East digital marketing. For Levant Digital customers, delivery of precise and useful evaluation of the impact and value of online marketing campaigns is at the forefront of their experience.

Due to previous experience and connection with America’s leading digital marketing company, Levant Digital is ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering successful digital marketing campaigns for customers. Middle East companies that pursue digital marketing now, as the practice and technology is developing and spreading, will be at an advantage later on when digital marketing has become the main approach to reaching customers.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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