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SEO tips that will boost your web design and make your website more appealing

If you have a website that is trying to find online success, you must be aware of the fact that web design is important. However, if the website doesn’t have chance at good search engine rankings, not many people will be able to come to know about it. Web designing is an integral part of your website but being search engine friendly is equally important. The aim of most business websites is to share an online presence get seen among search engine results, at least among Google, Yahoo, Msn and Bing. If you’re interested in making your website search engine friendly, you need to follow certain basic principles and some effective content development practices. Have a look at some great tips that may lead to a more search engine friendly website without sacrificing your style and creativity.
  • Improve the site navigation of your website: If you’re using Flash for navigation on your website, this may be a bad news for you if you’re not aware of making Flash objects web-crawler friendly. It has been researched that most search engines have a really tough time navigating through as website that uses Flash. You can even try out CSS that can provide almost all fancy effects without sacrificing your search engine rank.
  • Place the scripts outside the HTML text: The coding of a particular website is the most important part when you’re creating it. Make sure you externalize CSS and Javascript. Usually the search engines view a particular website through what is there in the HTML document. If the CSS and the JavaScript is not externalized, this may add a number of lines to your HTML document that will be ahead of the actual content and might make crawling slower. Search engines will rank websites in a better manner if they can get to the content directly.
  • Use content that is search-engine friendly: Content is the king of a particular website and this is what the search engines look for before ranking it. When you design a particular website, make sure you take into account the uniqueness of the content as this is also taken into account by the search engines. If there is improper planning when designing your website, you can fall in the danger of losing your search engine ranking.
  • Block the pages that you don’t want to be indexed: There may be pages on your website that you don’t want search engines to index as they might not be adding any value to your website or the content in your site. These may even include the pages that you are using to test your designs as you’re new while designing your website. Stop exposing such pages to the web robots as you may run into issues regarding duplicate content.
Therefore, if you want to rank high in search engine results, make sure you employ the right kind of web designing to your website. Take all the above mentioned factors into consideration and hire a web designer who can boost the search engine rank of your website and also enhance the traffic to the same.
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Friday, 09 December 2022
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