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The Complete Reseller

We know that there are many SEO resellers offering a broad spectrum of service to their customers.  Some offer just the basics: page optimization, anchor text and keyword research only, for example.  There are various reasons why resellers might limit their services but those that offer the complete inventory usually end up making more money.
What is possible?  Many resellers feel uncomfortable offering services like email and Social Media but they are not hard to fulfill and can be a of significant benefit to clients.  And a significant contributor to the bottom line.
Let’s take a look at what the complete reseller package should contain.
Site SEO
Effective site SEO requires a thorough analysis of keywords, a website audit to access design, text and keyword usage, and link building.  Link building includes updating content weekly to every site as well as article writing, posting and back linking from sites that have relevant, valued content.
PPC is a vital advertising component in most businesses today.  With few exceptions, you want all your clients invested in some level of PPC.  At minimum, a competent program offers the following:  website audit, keyword search, and landing page analysis and upgrading.   Improvement to a customer’s landing page is often overlooked.  It is basic, essential advertising but resellers, and clients, often think that if a potential customer arrives at their site then a sale is guaranteed.  It is not.  The landing page must be a place where viewers are persuaded to take an action with incentives or special offers.  It is key that the landing page works effectively to motivate prospective customers.
Plenty of resellers don’t consider email as a component of what they sell. They should. Email marketing is the most cost effective form of online marketing.  Coupled with search marketing you can drive leads and motivate existing customers for your clients.  A coordinated email component will enable you to build unlimited email lists, create a unique campaign, service specials or discounts and design delivery of regular, scheduled communications.  A good email program also includes campaign analytics, an auto-responder and automated list builder. Email is an active, direct and a persuasive way for your clients to communicate with their customers.
One of the most important new developments in SEO is the creation and integration of online map sites for your customers to Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp and others.  This is especially important if your clients are local businesses.  Maps sites appear to be emerging as the primary source of local business information on mobile devices. Right now, iPhone and Android app phones come pre-loaded with Google Maps which pulls local business information from Google Places.  There is a clear, dynamic association between good SEO and map optimization.  To be effective, a reseller must develop a compelling profile for each customer that properly uses keywords to maximize ranking.  Map optimization should also include a customer review mechanism and a plan for citations. Citations are similar to links except that they are typically built by mention of phone number, business name and address.
Social Media
This is the fastest emerging component of SEO and the least understood.  Many small businesses play around with Facebook and Twitter and soon learn that attracting people to a social media page is hard. Converting social media contacts into customers is an even bigger challenge.  A successful program for social media optimization includes a creative strategy focused on specific goals-- especially for businesses that don’t typically fit in with social media.   The key elements are posting valued, relevant content, linking to other social media, actively responding to visitors, and producing polls and interactive content that will help build a community.
This is perhaps the most important element of good SEO:  the speed, agility and versatility to present campaign data to your clients quickly.  Using open source APIs, data can be readily analyzed and charted to enable you to present all relevant data 24/7.  Good reporting is clear, concise and understandable to the non-technical client.  An essential for any reseller is the use of a white label portal to the data on their own domain.
Many times resellers see only a small portion of the services, and opportunities, that comprehensive SEO provides.  A profitable reseller, one who offers the full range of SEO services to their clients, thinks outside the box. They don’t see themselves as “just “ a reseller but rather as their client’s full service, internet marketing agency.  The tools are there, jump in!
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Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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