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Tips For Increasing Facebook Ads Performance and Better Management

Facebook launched its ads feature about five years ago. Since then online marketers have been using Facebook as a platform to display ads, and from there generate traffic to their website.

Facebook is a world in its own-self, with an ever-increasing number of users worldwide; it has become an excellent place for ads display. An internet marketing company wants to make the most out of ads displayed on Facebook. The lines below give some tips that can help in doing so.

1. Gender Based Targeting

Gender is one of the most popular ads criteria on Facebook. According to a survey conducted

  • 34% of the respondents that are targeted based on gender ‘often’ or ‘always’ make it the 9th most used ads criteria overall on Facebook.

These stats show that ignoring this variable during ads display, will be an under-utilization of the campaign as well as the ads performance.

2. Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories experience a greater click through rate compared to traditional ads, that are dissimilar and focus only on content. The format of sponsored story ads, also allow the room for the marketers to be creative. However as per survey:

  • 55% of the respondents don’t use sponsored stories in combination with ads.

Sponsored stories are the best word to mouth tool for promotion on Facebook, therefore, they ought to be considered during ads display campaign.

3. Refresh Ads

The data collected through Facebook stats shows that:

  • The peak CTR observed by an ad is during the first 72 hours of its display.

After the 72 hours, the CTR tends to decline, therefore leading ultimately to a higher CPC. Hence, it is necessary to refresh the Facebook ads 2-3 times per week. It keeps the ad fresh, and makes it stand out from the other ads run by other competitors.

4. Ad Management Software

Survey stats show that:

  • 85% of the respondents don’t rely on an ad management software to help them increase productivity.

The experts believe otherwise, in the opinion of experts believe that an ads management software can help in following matters:

  • Complex ad campaign execution
  • Strategy development
  • Bringing creativity
  • Tracking ROI

Therefore, using an ads management software can help in better management of the ads campaign.

5. Third-Party Analytics:

Analytics and calculation of ROI are one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers, pertaining to ads display on Facebook. According to social media experts, one of the major reasons why marketers fail to calculate an apt ROI on Facebook ads, is because they don’t use any third party analytics. Therefore, it becomes very hard to measure the true performance of an ad.

6. CPM Pricing Option

There are two types of pricing models offered by Facebook

  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Cost per Thousand View (CPM)

Majority of the online marketers prefer to go for the CPC model, which is justifiable in case of larger audiences. However, when it comes to audience lower than 1,000 then opting for the CPM model would be the wise choice.

7. Pointing Ads

When an ad at Facebook points the user to another website or another page other than Facebook, the CPC for such an ad rises about 50%. However, the ads that point back to a page on Facebook.com tend to have a lower CPC and ultimately a higher ROI.


In a nutshell, the aforementioned tips can help in better management of Facebook ads, in addition to improving their performance.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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