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Let’s Get to Know Facebook’s New Layout: The Timeline

Over the next couple of days, Facebook will be implementing a mandatory change in the layout of each member’s page with the introduction of the Timeline.

If you have a Facebook account, which has a big chance that you have, you will surely be affected by this change soon as Facebook already started rolling out the update to the pages of all its members since March 2012. This leaves you no choice but to accept the new layout and just learn to appreciate what Timeline has to offer.

To help Facebook users understand how Timeline works, here is a rundown of its features:

  • With Timeline, your Facebook posts will be arranged in reverse chronological order and is listed by year on the right side of the page. With the old layout, the older posts are buried deep into the pages. To view these past events, one must click through “Older Posts” several times to get to the archive. With the Timeline layout, one can just click the year and the month, and all past events on the selected time will be displayed.
  • “Pre-Facebook” information can also be added easily with the new layout and this allows a user to stretch their Facebook account back in time. This can be easily done with the “Life Events” button. This feature allows you to add events in your Facebook story by choosing from different templates arranged in categories like Work and Education, Family and Relationship and more or by creating a custom event. After filling out the form and setting the date, this past event will then be added to your timeline.
  • The new layout also allows one to customize a cover photo, aside from the profile picture. This cover photo stretch across the width of the whole page, which is a good way to show and highlight the user’s personality. A cover page can be easily added by clicking the “Add a cover” button and you can select from previously uploaded pictures in Facebook or you can opt to upload a new one.
  • Timeline also allows Facebook members to choose which activity they want to post, highlight or delete with the Activity Log option. After clicking this button, a list of all the activities of the user in Facebook will be displayed. The year-by-year slider can be use to scroll down the different activities and mousing over the post will give different options to Delete, Edit or Highlight the event.
  • The new Timeline still offers Privacy Settings but in a much simpler format that is easier for Facebook users to setup. With the privacy settings, one can choose who has authority to view your Timeline. You can limit access to Friends, Friends of Friends, Public or you can also create a custom list.

Facebook did a nationwide survey and 84% of Facebook users had expressed their dislike with the mandatory timeline changes. But Facebook makers sure have a good reason for pushing through with this ambitious change. And since we don’t have any choice anyways, then it is just right to just get to know Timeline and who knows, we may soon accept it just like how we accepted the original Facebook layout.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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