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5 Top Resource Books for Web Designers and Developers

As technology marches on more and more people are embracing the web. If you want to improve your web development skills, you need to keep in tip-top shape on important, cutting-edge areas of development and web design. Reading widely provides insights, advice and inspiration to keep you abreast of developments in IT. We highlight 5 top resource books for web designers and developers that can help you improve your work.

  • Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

Aaron Gustafson’s book is popular among designers and developers because of its thorough and well-written exposition of techniques and methods for keeping web pages accessible and progressively enhanced. The concept of progressive enhancement is especially important in modern web design and development because of the dynamic nature of modern web platforms and browsers. Adaptive Web Design helps you understand the concept by providing history, applications, mechanisms and practical examples of progressive enhancement.

  • Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte

Similar to Adaptive Web Design, Responsive Web design by Marcotte addresses the modern day designing landscape where developers have to contend with more sophisticated browsers, netbooks, tablets, widescreen displays and a host of other mobile gadget interfaces. Marcotte’s book details principles and techniques behind modern designing, such as media queries, fluid grids, and flexible images. This popular book will also assist you to think responsively so that you better respond to your user’s needs and expectations. 

  • Don’t Make Me Think! by Steve Krug

Krug’s book is tightly focused on anyone who writes, codes, designs, directs or owns websites. The book was published in 2000, but it is relevant today as when it was first published. Krug argues the case for web usability in a compelling, friendly and fun tone. Some developers naively think web usability is the enemy of design. The book helps dispel any such myths and empowers you to design websites that users will love. 

  • Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

Mobile First is a strategic, interactive and compelling guide to mobile web design. The book answers why it is important to go mobile and shows webmasters, designers and developers how exactly to go mobile. Luke is a respected authority in web-related research. His book is a valuable resource with surprising information that will help you better understand the mobile landscape and forecast the shape mobile web design is likely to take in coming years. 

  • Seductive Interaction Design by Stephen P Anderson

It is disheartening to design or develop something you know is great only for no one to pay attention or care. Most designers and developers will have experienced this peeve at some point, which is a sure morale killer. Seductive Interaction Design delves into the psychology behind human behaviour and what invokes people to act. Stephen’s book puts a clever case for developing interactions and websites based on stages of seduction. Read the book to understand the reasoning behind people’s actions and learn how to leverage this knowledge to seduce and invoke behaviour. 

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