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Techie Template For Social Media Whiz Kids

Juliana Payson’s short, accurate and easy-to-follow explanation of why you should use animation posting in your Google+ Brand Page, and her how-to directions that teach you what tools to use and how to make the most of your time, is very informative and useful.

This idea just makes common sense for large retailers, web entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone else who wants to make the most of their advertising dollars and increase their sales.
social media whiz kidsBasically, this is a way to get a big jump on your competition because everybody will be hiring someone to do this kind of work for them, but you do not have to wait or hire anyone. This short article tells you how to create a moving header (movie) for your web page so you can start collecting new customers and beat your competition in just a few minutes.

The basic idea is simple. You animate the header banner of your page. That makes your audience (potential buyers) more likely to stop and shop than your regular header banner does. The idea is coordinated with Google’s efforts to tie in the relationships between brands and brand audiences.

Anything that attracts a potential customer more than your competitor's site does is almost a guarantee that you will make more money. Moving displays have been used for years to attract the attention of clients in store displays, billboards and other forms of advertisement. This idea is just an extension of a marketing tactic that has worked and always will work for you.

The limited number of seconds you have to keep a potential client's attention is what this is all about. You do not need to be a web nerd to make this concept work for you.

You just need a little tech savvy and be familiar with Google+ and Photoshop to take full advantage of Ms. Payson’s short and easy to follow instructions at https://blog.marketing.inmotionhosting.com/animate-google-plus/.

The video walks you through the step-by-step process of creating a moving banner header for your web page.

You get basic info about what programs you need to run when creating your moving banner as well as directions on how to create different types of effects in your banner that include lighting changes, layering, bounce effects, opacity adjustments, fade out effects and style hints.

You can also see a tutorial about how to create a moving banner header using Photoshop slicing of photographs. That means you do not have to be a film maker, you just need to know what to present that makes your company and products the most interesting. The more interesting your moving header is, the faster your site will creep to the top of Google’s algorithm that makes your site the first link people see when they search Google.

Moving headers and an attractive movie that promotes your brand to the best advantage is not all there is to be successful and have outstanding sales on the internet, but this little trick can put you far ahead of your competition, raise your position in Google searches, catch the attention of potential customers on social networks and best of all, make you more money.

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Juliana is a web sleuth gathering cool tools for all your web hosting needs. You can find her @InMotionHosting based in Los Angeles touting all her tech tactics on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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