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8 Golden Rules for Using Guest Posts in Your Blog

The benefits of guest blogging from the author's point of view has been often discussed.  But it can be just as useful and beneficial to the blogger who accepts guest posts at his or her website.  The difference is it is mostly latter who is left to handle every guest post after it is accepted and published.  If you publish a guest Guest Blogging Guidepost on your blog, you make it a part of your blog for better or for worse.  Learn to get it right from the beginning.  Follow these guidelines to help ensure you receive high quality guest posts. Learn how to submit guest post at WebmaisterPro.

Know what kind of guest posts you need.

Be specific about the guest posts you want: what topics you want covered, the format (how-to, news, etc.)  The worst you could do as a publisher is to accept guest submissions about anything.  General articles or articles that cover too many different subjects will destroy your blog's identity and cause it to lsoe focus.  

Prepare for the time required to process guest posts.

Many publishers welcome the idea of guest posts thinking it would save them some work.  And it can.  After all, you are getting free material for your site with guest articles.  But opening your blog to guest writers creates its own type of work!  You will need to review and often edit the text, add pictures, insert links--  not without informing the author first of course.  And that's all very time-consuming.  Decide if you will be handling guest post submissions on your own or if you can delegate it to somebody else.  

Give specific guidelines.

Guest bloggers who care about their reputation typically submit high quality posts and do not abuse the opportunity.  But some will get away with whatever they can.  Don't give them the chance. Provide specific submission guidelines from the start.  And don't be over-generous if you don't want to get flooded with spammy posts that wouldn't even pass a basic grammar test.

Give incentive to your guest authors.

If you want to attract the best authors, make your guest posting opportunity as attractive as possible.  If you have a popular, high PR (PageRank) site, you won't have problems attracing good writers.  Unfortunately if you are new, it will be much harder.  Offer whatever you can give: promotion, social "love," images, even monetary compensation.  Don't forget to brag about your 5,000 email subscribers nd 1,500 Facebook fans (bought or not).

Schedule your guest posts.

Stretch your guest posting currency as far as you can.  Cleverly stagger them to buy yourself the most time for your own writing.  There are no set rules for this; it depends on how often you update your blog on your own.

Know how to say no.

You have standards.  Stick to them.  Sooner or later, you will receive a post that just absolutely sucks, anyway. Don't compromise your site for the sake of being nice. You've worked very hard to get it where it is now.  Learn to reject low-quality posts.  They'll have somewhere else to take them.

Encourage repeat contributions.

If you like the work of a particular guest author, invite him or her to write for you again.  One way to do this is to feature that author's articles prominently, like keeping an article longer on the front page.  You could also suggest ad revenue sharing or some other type of financial compensation. Interviews would flatter anyone.

Promote your guest posts.

Guest bloggers like to see lots of Facebook likes, Tweets and Google Pluses on guest articles.  It tells them the posts spread far and wide in the virtual world.  Try to get social media attention for your most deserving guest posts.  This will encourage more writers to offer you their work in the future.

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Author L.J. is a freelance content writer, blogger and Internet niche marketer.  She regularly writes at BlogLady.net about Facebook login help articles, WordPress blogging, Internet marketing and other subjects.

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Guest on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 13:28

The article is really great, in my point of view, the best way to do guest posting is that post your best article in the similar type of blog and make understand the blog owner that by doing guest posting the benefit is for both and also the viewers.

The article is really great, in my point of view, the best way to do guest posting is that post your best article in the similar type of blog and make understand the blog owner that by doing guest posting the benefit is for both and also the viewers.
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