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How to Build Links

If you just start a site, it’s really hard to make it noticeable and valuable both for the user and search engines. In this post, I’ll just give you a list of the things that you need to do, in order to make it big with your site :). Take a look at link building diversity infographic.


Link Building InfographicYou can create profiles on the forums, which are related to the topic of your blog. You need to participate in the forums and later on you’ll be able to put a link back to your site both from your profile page and from your forum signature.

Paid reviews

Some bloggers accept offers on writing a review about your service, product or site. You can find such people on some SEO forums. Plus, there are even online services (like separate sites) that provide this sort of services.

Free Blogging platforms

You may want to create like 20 sites on such platforms (like Wordpress.com, Blogger, Tumblr and the like). Once created, you’ll be able to run separate sites there and make those sites relevant so that links from them help you main site.

Article submission

You basically need to write articles and submit them to multiple directories. It’s not gonna be of much SEO value, but it’s still worth of doing. Just to get better link diversity. Plus, the big G does not really like this sort of promotion after one of its latest updates.

Free Directories

You can submit your site to free directories in the first place for link diversity, because you won’t actually have much traffic from them. Neither will you get much SEO values from such an endeavour.

Paid directories

It’s pretty much the same as with the free ones, but in this particular case it’s a bit better, because paid directories are not that cluttered up. Why? Simple. It’s just because less people are willing to pay money to be listed in paid directories.

Guest posting

The ideas is that you can write a post for a blog that does not belong you, but the owner of the site publishes your post, because he needs unique content. And you get a link back to your site in return. As simple as that :)

Link exchange

It’s not the best link building method, but if you exchange links with sites/blogs that have way better SEO metrics, it’s really beneficial for you in that case. The main idea here is not to overdo it, because you can land in hot water.

Q&A services

It’s a pretty good way to get both traffic (well, not that much actually) and enhance your link diversity. The benefit of the method is that if you answer what the person who asks is really interested in, s/he will definitely visit your site to see more.

Major sites

You also need to make sure that you have your links on major sites around the Web. Be it related to your niche or not, you still need links from such sites. Why? Just because they are big ones and the search engine likes that.


That’s basically what you need to do during the first month of your site launch. What else can you add?

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