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How to Attract Interesting Guest Bloggers

Having a blog can be a challenging yet fun hobby. If you have a blog, you want to attract people to your site. This can be done by promoting your blog and leaving comments with back links on other blogs. Another way to increase traffic is by having guest bloggers. (Learn how to submit guest post at WebmaisterPro)

Guest BloggersGuest bloggers are usually comprised of others who have a blog or are considered an expert in their field. These people typically have their own dedicated following, which is why they are so beneficial to your own blog. When you have a guest blogger, they will generally share with their followers that they recently guest blogged on your site. Chances are, their dedicated following will visit your site to check it out. Hopefully, they like what they see on your blog and become a dedicated follower of yours as well.
But before you can go out and snatch yourself some guest bloggers, you need to know how to attract them. The following four tips will help you get guest bloggers lining up to post on your site.

Have a real blog that receives real traffic

Before you can attract guest bloggers, you must have an attractive blog. If your blog is only receiving three views per month, nobody of importance or value is going to want to guest blog for you. Most guest bloggers like to receive something in return for their guest post, and if your site doesn't offer any new potential followers, there is no reason for them to post. They don't want to waste their time creating a blog post for you that nobody will read. Make sure that you have an impressive amount of followers and that your blog gets a good deal of traffic, and you will be more attractive to guest bloggers.

Share your contact information

It is possible that somebody may come across your blog and be interested in guest blogging. For this reason, you should always make your contact information available on your blog. If someone is interested in guest blogging but they can't find a way to contact you, they will move on and find another site with accessible contact info. You don't want to miss out on any guest blogging possibilities for this reason.

Tit for tat

As previously mentioned, most guest bloggers want to receive something in return. If your site generates a lot of traffic, allow the guest blogger to include back links to their own blog. This way, they may receive some new readers or an increase in blog traffic by posting on your site. You could also offer to guest post for their blog if they'd like. You can actually build a relationship this way and use each other as experts when necessary.

Promote your guest bloggers

Whenever you have a guest blogger, make sure to promote it everywhere. Use social media sites, publish it in a newspaper—whatever you need to do to generate buzz, make sure you do it. The more you flaunt your guest blogger, the more others will see and admire your efforts. Other potential guest bloggers will see how passionate you are about your guest bloggers that they will want a piece of the action too.
Having guest bloggers on your site is a great way to generate traffic and garner new readers. It is also a great way to make new connections with other bloggers that can evolve into great relationships. Just remember that the more attractive your blog is and the more effort you put into attracting guest bloggers will pay off generously in the end.

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