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20 Wordpress Tips for Your Success

If you want successful results from blogging, you need to have a strategic plan. The first step of your strategic plan should include which blogging platform you are going to use. As you know, the most widely used blogging Blogging with WordPressplatform is the WordPress blogging platform. Below you will find my favorite 20 WordPress tips that will help your blogging become more successful. 

1. Linking from Post Titles
Instead of creating a new post to just tell your users to visit another site, use Page Links To plugin to link users to external pages from your post title.
2. Using Dynamic Sidebars
If you think that using standard sidebars is boring, use dynamic sidebars which are more engaging and which display only relevant content on a page.
3. Changing the Default Gravatar
The default gravatar can be annoying for your users and may conflict with your branding. So change the default gravatar and create a branded comment section with your own logo.
4. Associating Multiple Authors with a Post
If you have a multi-author blog and have posts that multiple authors have contributed to, use the plugins Co-Authors or Co-Authors Plus that associate multiple authors with a post.
5. Notifying Users with Notifixious
Do you want to notify users when you update your blog? Use Notifixious to notify your users on their IM, Email and SMS.
6. Displaying Random Header Images
If you think that static header pictures are not engaging enough, use dynamic header images that rotate on each visit.
7. Using Apple Alike Sidebars
If you like Apple designs and want to create a sidebar with a similar design, use the Accordion plugin in jQuery UI.
8. Setting Expiration Dates for Posts
Are you running a contest or offering discounts on some products? Set expiration dates to remove the posts automatically when the contest or discount is over.
9. Breaking Comments Into Pages
Use Paginated Comments plugin to break your comments into a number of pages that are search engine optimized.
10. Creating a Peel Away Effect
Do you like to have a peel effect on a page to advertise your e-book or other products? Use Page Peel Plugin to create attractive pages.
11. Using Image Caption
Use Image Caption plugin that removes the title or alt characteristic from images and produces a neat caption.
12. Monetizing RSS Feeds
If you have many RSS feed subscribers, consider monetizing your feeds with RSS Footer plugin.
13. Displaying a Retweet Button
Use TweetMeme widget to add a retweet button on a page, to let users retweet your articles and to track the retweets.
14. Disabling HTML in Comments
Disable HTML in your WordPress Comments to stop spammers from adding links and to make your comments section more functional.
15. Greeting Users with Personalized Messages
With WP Greet Box plugin, display appropriate messages to your users depending upon the page they came to your blog from for example Twitter, Facebook, etc.
16. Using del.icio.us for WordPress
Share your recent del.icio.us bookmarks in your blog with the del.icio.us for WordPress plugin.
17. Redirecting First Time Commentators
Redirect your first time commentators to another page to thank them or to introduce new products with the Comment Redirect plugin.
18. Adding Twitter ID Field in Comment Forms
Add a Twitter ID field in comment forms to enable your users to share their twitter profile.
19. Enabling Users to Email Your Articles
Give your users an option to email your articles to others with the Email This plugin.
20. Using Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR)
Use the FLIR plugin to convert your texts and titles into images.

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Andrew is a self-taught webmaster who worked with most popular CMS software, including Wordpress. Currently looking for hosting and CMS options for a site dealing with New York state divorce.

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