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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Leads into Cash

The question that any company with a website will ask is a fairly simple one; how do we turn visitors into customers? No matter how much traffic your Internet store has, or how successful your ad campaign is in getting people to visit your site, it doesn't do you any good at all if people don't become customers. Then all you're doing is forking over money and time to advertisers, who really aren't making you any returns. For those that want to stop giving away their cash, what you need is conversion rate optimisation.

Locate the Issues

Converstion rate optimisation is the short hand for figuring out why it is that visitors aren't becoming customers, and fixing it so that the largest percentage of browsers make purchases from your website. Conversion rate optimisation is about finding problems that are preventing browsers from buying and fixing them to be sure that you have a simple, streamlined and customer friendly storefront that makes getting what you want as simple as point and click.


As a quick for instance, if any major part of your website is not available from your homepage, or if it is difficult to find because of how small the link is, that can be a problem for making your customers happy. Additionally, if your checkout takes customers through two or more separate pages of information, that can get frustrating and it increases the chance for errors; make checking out as easy as possible so that customers can find and buy before they have a chance to change their minds.


In addition to making sure that your site is easy to navigate and as stress free to use as possible, you need to evaluate how professional and attractive your site looks to someone that's come and is browsing what you have to offer. For instance, if you have copy and pasted backgrounds, or if your site is clunky or the background is too busy you're going to distract the eyes of your customers and they're going to have difficulty focusing. You need to make clear where they need to click and what they have to do, often by placing your banners, your ads, your site sections and other important headings in easy to see colors and in places on your page where they will be easily seen. The key here is to draw the eye and make it as simple as possible to complete the transaction process.

Bounce Rate

These are just a few, quick examples of how to reduce your "bounce rate," or the number of potential visitors that come to your site but who leave immediately upon arriving at your site. You see, conversion rate optimisation is meant as a statistical tool to help you change your site into the perfect place to entice customers. This process isn't concerned with getting customers to your site, that's the job of advertisement, but rather you need to be able to keep customers you have and to turn new browsers into buyers without spending additional time and funds on more advertising.

Google Website Optimizer

It is important when you examine a potential conversion rate optimisation solution that you see just how feasible it really is. For instance, some "solutions" will suggest that you change the colors of your buttons from green to red. And while red is an eye catching color, the real problem might be that your buttons are in small print at the bottom of your web page, rather than bold and easily visible at the top of your page where customers start out. Additionally, your difficulty might be that, rather than going to the product featured on a banner ad, the link instead takes the visitor to the home page where they have to search for the thing they saw. This is quite frustrating when the ad featured the object they want to buy from you, but now they have to search for it all over again.


Sometimes the solutions are complex, but often they're very simple things that you can change quickly in order to increase your conversion rates now. But big or small, it's important that you make all the optimisation changes that you can in order to get the most sales possible.

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021
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