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Characteristics of a Good Software for Management of a PPC Campaign

PPC is all about effective management, where PPC marketers pay emphasis on factors like, the selection of right keyword, the assigning of daily budget, and by the end monitoring the performance. All these activities can turn out to be very time consuming, and if certain factors be ignored can also result in waste of time and money.

There are different software available in the market, which businesses can utilize for effective PPC management. These software can help in better management of the campaign, however, every software is not to be trusted, therefore you must keep the below given factors in mind, which represent the characteristics of a good software for management of a PPC campaign.

1. Account Diagnostics:

The software should provide you with a diagnostic of your AdWords account. The information which a good software should consider and provide detail about in the diagnostics ar

  • Conversion
  • Average spend per month
  • Number of running campaigns
  • Click activity and active keywords for previous few months
  • Extracting this data manually from AdWords would be a difficult job, therefore, a good software can save you time.

2. Wasted Spend:

This feature of good software for managing PPC campaign, would give you information about the money you can save by inculcating a bunch of effective negative keywords into your campaign. Thus by adding the negative keywords provided by the software, you can definitely save big time on the wasted spend.

3. Account Activity:

A good software must provide you detail of the activities you under take in your AdWords account. This feature of a advertising campaign management software will give you information about when and where were you logged into your account, and the information about the activities undertaken by you.

4. Optimization of Long-Tail Keyword:

Long-tail keywords usually are more generic in nature, and they also cost less per click, while show higher conversion. Only a few businesses manage to utilize long-tail keywords to their full potential. A good PPC managing software will contain this feature of long-tail keyword optimization, where the software will prompt on the keywords that are too long and that can be refined to obtain higher click through rate, a lower price, and an increased ROI.

5. Best Practices of PPC:

The additional feature of a good PPC managing software that can help the internet marketing company in better management of the campaign is the display of best PPC practices. The software will give information about the Google recommended PPC practices that are hard to monitor and can be forgotten if not remembered. Therefore, a software that gives you information about the prevalent best PPC practices, can help in better management and effective utilization of the campaign.


In short, businesses that wants to save on cost, and can’t afford to hire professionals in order to do so, need to have their hands around a good software that can help them in better management of a PPC campaign. The above mentioned, features are to be considered while selecting a software for ads campaign management.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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