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5 Tips To Increase Earning Through Flipping Websites

Many of the blogger and web developers are flipping websites to earn more money as well as save that value able time in the process. What does the word - flipping website actually mean? Flipping websites is nothing but buying or selling existing websites which may be because of any reason. One of the main reasons of flipping websites is that Search results give more importance to older sites as against new websites; by buying an old website can save one considerable advantage and even the pain of designing a website. There are many more insights into flipping websites however in this post I have concentrated more on how one can gain more profit by flipping websites.

Following are some steps through which you can efficiently flip your website

Check Market Statistics

Many times website sellers don't get buyers because they have quoted a price which is either too high or they quote it too less for a website which deserves more than what they got. Hence before selling your website, do a proper market analysis about how much visitors you get, how much money the website is making etc. and quote your price accordingly. Also you can check various online site evaluation tools to make a fair assumption of how much your website can earn; however do not go blindly with the price these sites have quoted and rather use other sources too.

Create a List of Potential Buyers

Create a list of potential buyers by creating a Web page list on the same. It will allow people who are interested in buying websites to subscribe to your emails. This way when you sell your website, you will get more buyers (the more the people in your list, the more the chances) and hence you can quote a reasonable price for your website. You can use this list for selling your future websites too.

Submit Your Website In Multiple Flipping Sites

Instead of just relying on a single website to sell your blog/ site, you must submit your site in as many website flipping sites as possible. This way you can get good exposure to buyers. Also do not just sell your site to the first visitor, just wait for some time and see your prices rise. However do not forget to take down the ad once the site is sold or else you will receive unwanted queries.

Keep an Eye On Flippa & Other Marketplaces

Before you venture out and try to sell your first website, check out what is going on in various website flipping sites like flippa. See what people are selling and buying, compare the page rank, age of the website, average revenue etc. and the price. As website prices cannot be determined using a single formula, it becomes extremely important that you know what are the present norms and market conditions.

Flippa screenshot

Offer Services For A Period Of Time

Many of the people who buy flipped websites are new to the world of internet and have limited knowledge on working of websites. If you provide FREE or Paid web maintenance services for a period of time, then it can attract lots of first time users to buy your website. Also you can provide article writing services with the website which may interest lots of potential buyers.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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