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Things That Will Hurt Your Website’s SEO Ability

Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot

Many businesses put a great deal of time and money into making a brand new shiny website and then sit back waiting for the sales to come flooding in. Sadly it’s not quite as easy as all that, even if your website looks great there could still be a few aspects that are stopping it from being successful within Google and other search engines. So what are these factors that are stopping your website from cementing a Google top spot and turning your business into an all-conquering force of nature? Well at least generating some sales, but I like to aim high.

Onsite Advertising

When you own a website it can be very tempting to sell advertising space, it’s money for doing nothing right? Well it may seem pretty attractive but your side could end up suffering because of it. Advertising within a website is widely considered to be one of the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a site within its search engine.

If you website has lots of adverts all over the page making it hard to concentrate on your own content then  you can be pretty sure that this will weaken your site in terms of SEO. SEO strength aside, you should always consider what’s best for visitors to your site and so if they are met with a page that is littered with adverts then they are pretty likely to click right back out of your site and into a rival’s. If you are absolutely determined to have advertising on your site then try to limit it to one ad per page.

Poor Content

A major culprit of a website performing poorly in the search engines is having poor content. Once again you should take into consideration what a visitor wants when they click on your website. Are they met with an essay on the world’s most boring topic, auditing for insurance companies perhaps?

Remember to tell your customers exactly what they need to know to make a transaction and not to distract with irrelevant added content. Online consumers have short attention spans and are very fickle so show them what they want to know without making them work for it. It is also important that your content is original as having duplicate content will result in a big loss in your site’s strength.

Confusing The Google Robots

You’re probably wondering how you could possibly confuse a robot, well your site may be doing just that without you even knowing. The Google robots use secret algorithms to attribute strength and therefore search result rankings to websites. Many newly developed websites still have a few elements that make the job of these robots harder than it needs to be, such as having two versions of the homepage, not having an xml sitemap and much more.

With a simple onsite analysis from an SEO consultant you will be able to identify these areas and fix them so that your site welcomes Google’s ranking systems with open arms instead of a brick wall.

About Author

Bernard Bishop works for a local SEO company that provides a bespoke SEO service to show businesses how to make the most of their websites. 

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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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