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Does Every Business Need a Twitter Account?

Twitter is a powerful social media platform by which businesses can find success. By utilizing Twitter, businesses can generate leads, promote freely and maximize profits within 140-character tweets. Furthermore, utilizing Twitter cracked iconTwitter can allow a business to build relationships with other businesses to allow for expansion and better opportunities. Twitter has even been known to create overnight success for businesses who have sold tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in products by selling through 140 characters.

But is a Twitter account a must-have for every business? The answer is simply no. There are several good reasons why a Twitter account isn't necessary for every business. Although one might think that it's insane this day in age that business folks are reluctant to keep up with technology and take advantage of free online business tools, not everyone is capable or even interested in utilizing social media, especially the elder generations and those who are fixated upon the negativity that social media platforms receive in the press.
Take a look at some of the business models who do not need Twitter to succeed in addition to those who should take advantage of Twitter and the reasons why.

Local Offline Businesses

Many of these businesses were successful before social media and mainly cater to locals who are the meat and bread of their income. These businesses have no need for a national or international target market. For example, a mom-and-pop grocery store or corner store may not benefit from using Twitter. They depend on the support of their local communities and not the web for their sustainability. These business types may not have the time or the funds to invest in regular social media campaign.

Business to Business Wholesalers & Industrial Products

Although with some creativity, these types of business can run social campaigns, their marketing dollar might be better spent in other channels. Most business owners might not be interested in regular updates on machinery parts or distrubtion so more traditional forms of marketing such as trade shows and direct sales might be sufficient here.

Businesses That Should Take Advantage of Twitter

Most types of online businesses can stand to benefit from Twitter, one being a virtual assistant business. Virtual assistants work remotely and have a huge target market online and offline. Nearly any type of business, individual or not-for-profit agency are ideal target markets for virtual assistants because those target markets may have work that needs to be outsourced at some point. Given that it is often difficult for newbie VAs to find clients, a heavy and consistent online presence is necessary to grow this type of business. Like offline businesses, however, once credibility has been established, word-of-mouth referrals can bring a VA business to full capacity. And though maintaining a social media presence by interacting with followers and networking or partnering with other VAs and businesses is time consuming, it is necessary for the survival of the business.

Online stores, boutiques and fashion designers can stand to fare from utilizing Twitter also. People love to shop online because of convenience and because of access to items that cannot be found offline. Fashion designers, online stores and boutiques may find success through websites such as Etsy because of the exposure to high-traffic. The power of Twitter is that it allows others to help a business promote through re-tweeting, thus generating more traffic and possibilities for the promoting business. In fact, most customer facing businesses can use Twitter to promote limited time offers and to generate some buzz about their products.
Twitter can allow for a loyal fan base provided that products and services are outstanding. While some business types fare just well without Twitter, other business types need the power of Twitter to generate leads, interact with customers and to network and promote freely for the sustainability and growth of the business.

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Tracey Roper is a content contributor for Creative Solutions Direct, a marketing company in the UK specialising in banner stands and pop-up displays.

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Friday, 20 May 2022
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