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The Benefits of Site Audits

As a website owner, you have may have already considered the benefits of undertaking a site audit to assist with your Search Engine Optimisation. Perhaps you have been sitting on the fence for a while and feeling a bit undecided about whether it's really worth it? Below you will find details on what a website audit is, and what website auditsbenefits it can offer to you and your business. Hopefully this will guide you through all you need to know and may even give you some tips on how to complete some of the audit yourself.

A website audit is generally undertaken by an independent auditing specialist or SEO expert, and focuses on the different components and functionalities of a website. A concise audit will also evaluate content, rankings and the overall quality of your website, amongst other aspects. The company or individual undertaking the audit, should be a proven expert in the Search Engine Optimisation field.

A site audit is vital for the following reasons:

  • The analysis will give you an overview and strong insight into new graphic and strategic ideas for your site.
  • The audit will ascertain any current problems with your site that may be affecting your website rankings, and you should also be provided with suggestions on how to fix these problems.
  • You will gain an understanding of your websites traffic ranking (this should include bounce rates, demographics, organic searches and keyword rankings).
  • You will be given direction and recommendations for new online marketing strategies (these strategies have the potential to move your business to another level).
  • The audit should also include a detailed traffic report and provide information on where your traffic is coming from as well as identifying the keywords customers are using to find your site.
  • Finally, you will receive information on all links to your website, who's linking to you, who you are linking to, what directories you are listed in and details on any broken or dirty links.

The audit is basically a health check for your website. It shows you how things are currently running, identifies any problems, and should also provide you with recommendations on areas for improvement. A very worthwhile investment.

The world of Search Engine Optimisation can appear to be very complicated at times, but rest assured its something you can easily get your head around. It is also important to remember that SEO results change almost daily, so theres no quick approach to good rankings. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo (particularly Google) are constantly developing new algorithms to assess a sites worth. What might have worked yesterday may not work today. A classic example of changing SEO would be content farms/content mill sites or link farms. Previously these were considered high quality links until Google changed the way they assessed content farms and spammy links. I believe this resulted in a fairer way of doing business on the Internet.

Unless Search Engine Optimisation is your field, then the chances are you will find it difficult to stay on top. I would advise investing in an audit, which can tell you straight away what you should be concentrating on.

Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned pro, a website audit is always a great way to ensure your website is functioning at its best. You really don't want to be missing out on additional custom! A comprehensive audit should be able to ascertain problem points and identify ways you can improve your site. The end result is a more productive site, and increased revenue for you and your business. The bottom line here is, if you haven't yet undertaken a website audit, I strongly suggest you consider one in the near future.

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Matt Beswick runs his own SEO agency in London, his clients include a high-end airport lounges operator.

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