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5 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Your Blog

Many bloggers get stressed out from the tedious tasks every day, but here are some helpful tips for avoiding that cumbersome stress.

internet bloggingOwning a blog is not as simply and as stress-free as many people think.  There are long hours sitting at a computer, and the occasional banging of the head on the computer desk.  Whether you have had a blog for 10 years or you just started one last week, there are many challenges that a blogger has to push through on a daily basis.  But letting the stress get to you is just counter-productive for your website, so here are some tips to help relieve some of the stress of blogging.

  1. Take a lot of breaks.  I didn’t say to take long breaks, just a lot of them.  If your break is too long then you will lose some of your momentum and get distracted with some other project around the house.  But by taking frequent breaks to do some pushups, get a bite to eat, or play with your dog, you will be able to refresh yourself and get back to work with a positive attitude.
  2. Outsource the stressful stuff.  We each have our own talents.  You might be great at writing but horrible at web design.  Just hire someone to do the web design part so you can focus on what you are good at and what you enjoy.  I found that a good designer can do in 10 minutes what takes me a full day, so not only does it save you from unwanted stress, it saves you time as well.
  3. Keep a regular schedule.  One of the most stressful parts about blogging is beating yourself up because you have not added a single post in a week.  So then you write a post every day for a week and get burned out.  You know what load you can handle.  Pick a schedule that is set for each day and stick to it.  I like using to-do lists as well because it keeps me focused and on track.  Sometimes stress can be caused just be feeling overloaded, so having a schedule and to-do list helps to keep everything organized and from collapsing on you at once.
  4. Roll with the criticism.  Not everyone is going to love your blog.  Some people might even be outright mean.  These haters are out there, but unless you learn to just roll with it and let it go, you will continue to be bothered by it.  Hopefully there are enough kind visitors to your blog leaving helpful comments to make up for the bad ones, but if not, maybe you need to consider making a change of focus on your blog.  As a general rule, I try to forget any negative comments, especially if they are rude and vulgar.  It’s not worth your time to focus on these things and the stress it causes can hurt your productivity.
  5. Write about what you love.  It’s much easier to write about something you love than something that bores you to tears.  Choose topics that you want to know about yourself, and you will find that not are you able to write your articles with more freedom, but you also have much less stress as well.

We have enough stress in our lives to have to invite more with our blogs.  If you love what you blot about it will always come across in your posts.  Take advantage of these 5 tips to keep your blog stress-free and enjoy growing your online presence. You can read more about blogging traps here.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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