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An Insight to the Process of Effective Content Marketing

 In US, thousands of new companies are establishing every month. After the establishment, the first objective of a company is to get recognized and be known. For this purpose, the newly established companies spend a great deal on their marketing, whether it is orthodox marketing, or it is new sensation of online marketing.

To promote their businesses online, the new companies, mostly avail the services of an internet marketing company. This marketing company applies a set of SEO and PPC techniques to generate traffic towards the company website, so that the company could be known in the market.

The corner stone for the promotion of a website, whatever it is PPC marketing or SEO, the content marketing is considered to be the king. The content of a website is what creates value in the eye of customer, which in turn results in revenue and sales.

An insight to the major steps of online marketing is given below:

1. Knowing your Customers:

There is no point in applying SEO and PPC advertising strategies to content, when you don’t know who or what your audience is. If you don’t know who your customer is, then no matter how good your content is, it is plainly useless. You need to understand and know your targeted audience, what are their likes and dislikes, the consumer behavior, and the interests of your targeted audience. All these will help you in producing content that attracts the attention of your specific audience.

2. Keywords Selection:

Once you know who your audience is, then after a proper analysis of your customers you can find the related keywords for your business. The keywords represent the likes and dislikes of your customer; therefore, pay special attention to the selection of your targeted keywords. Only keywords, which will in turn, help you in attracting your targeted audience towards your website. You can choose the keywords, by either using the statistical data different companies provide about your targeted market, or you can do an analysis of social media, and see what people are talking about.

3. Content Creation and Promotion Plan:

After finalization of keywords, the next step is to develop content based on your keywords. You can write articles, newsletter, blog posts, press releases, or make videos. Once the content is developed, the next thing you need to do is to devise a content promotion plan. The promotion plan can entail features like, which audience are you going to target first, which channels are you going to use (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn), which platforms are you going to use for link building, and how are you going to monitor and evaluate the outcomes.

4. Implementation of Plan:

A great and unique content is of no use if its promotion is not done properly. The promotion means you devised in planning should be implemented in this phase. The key point to remember during promotion is that, your promotion of company products should comply with the keywords of the customers. The more compatible these two are, the more efficient the promotion will be.


The basic thing a startup company needs to remember in regard of content marketing is to keep it calm, and not be hasty. The content promotion is not an overnight process, it will take time for the business to develop reputation, and once the reputation is developed, only then will you see sales, and revenue being generated.

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Sunday, 14 August 2022
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