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The Convenience of Social Media

You’ve probably heard all the excitement over social media from both a personal and business perspective; you may even have an account of your own to enjoy the convenience and simplicity it has to offer.

For someone, like me, who lives in another country to my family, it’s a wonderful way to stay in contact. It’s a way for me to see what my family are doing, see their children just after they’re born and get updates on their day.  It feels like I’m there with them when anything exciting happens in their lives.

The Personal Perspective

From a personal perspective, social media is one of the best inventions we could have ever been given due to technology.  It’s been welcomed with open arms all over the world and thousands of people are joining social media sites on a daily basis.

Being able to upload photographs of a recent holiday or see photographs of my family member’s new baby, is just one of the conveniences social media has offered us.  You can basically record your entire life through photographs for family and friends to stay in contact and see how you’re doing, it’s just remarkable.

The constant updates from family and friends makes me feel like I’m there with them whether they have something exciting to announce, or they’re just having a bad day, it’s there for me to see and comment on, giving my support, just as I would back home.

I think one of the greatest achievements for personally using social media sites is the ability to play online games with my friends.  It’s as though I’m at their house playing a game with them, it’s fun, interactive and just keeps me in touch when I feel a little homesick.

A Great Marketing Tool for Businesses

Of course from a business perspective social media isn’t a way for staying in touch with overseas family, it’s a marketing tool that cannot be rivalled with.  With the amount of people joining social media sites every single day, it’s no surprise more and more businesses are marketing their businesses this way.

Through constant updates and photographs, businesses can advise fans of their new products, achievements and sales.  Being constantly updated grains the company name into people heads so when they’re ready to buy, that is the name that pops into their heads first.

Some social media sites are aimed at businesses giving them an opportunity to network with each other get ideas and learn some interesting facts about a range of different things.  They can find out about workshops and lectures taking place, put down their ideas and get feedback from other business people worldwide; it’s just a wonderful networking tool that would never have been possible without the internet.

Wonderful Technological Tool

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter why you have a social media account, whether you want the convenience of staying in contact with family or you’re looking to promote your business, it is one of the most wonderful technological tools we have been offered.

The excitement of this convenience has skyrocketed and I cannot think of one person that I know that does not have a social media account.  That says it all doesn’t it? It’s one of those things that is being accepted and used to the fullest, something that offers convenience and something we now cannot live without.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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